What water temperature for tea

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The golden rules for tea preparation?

The preparation of tea is a real ritual. Discover the rules of tea tasting, in order to know how to prepare a tea at the right temperature. It will then reveal all its aromatic palette, without developing bitterness.

For the preparation of tea, we prefer fresh spring water or filtered water. Water heated in a kettle is preferable: the water will not take on the taste of previously cooked food, as can be the case if it is heated in a saucepan. Boil the teapot before brewing the tea by pouring boiling water into it and then discard the water. Cast iron, porcelain or ceramic teapots have the advantage of not absorbing the scent of the teas unlike unglazed baked unglazed "memory" teapots in which it is recommended to brew only one tea as the aroma will be retained.
A dosage of two grams of tea per cup is recommended.

What time and temperature to enjoy tea?

Water should never be boiled. To infuse the tea at the right temperature, the water temperature should be adjusted according to the tea chosen.

The infusion time also varies according to the type of tea. Traditionally, the tea is left to brew:

green teas for 3 minutes at 75-80°C
black teas for 4 minutes, except for broken tea leaves rather 2 to 3 minutes, at 85-90°C and Darjeeling at 95°C
blue teas for 4 to 5 minutes at 95°C
white teas for 5 to 6 minutes at 60°C
infusions for 5 to 10 minutes at 100°C

Beyond that, they may develop an unpleasant bitterness in the mouth. The infusion is made under cover, for a perfect preservation of the tea's aromas.
Thus, the water of a green tea will be heated to 75-80°C. This is the ideal temperature for your La Menthe, Chung Hao Jasmine or Sencha tea to exhale all its aromas. If you wish to enjoy a black tea, bring the water temperature to 85-90°C. You will then enjoy all the power of your Assam, Earl Grey and Blueberry or Le Mélange Fauchon tea.

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