Personalized infusion

Personalized infusion

Personalized infusion

Compose your own infusion

A unique concept to discover

You can create a personalised product by selecting the ingredients of your choice and customising the label. 4 bases have been designed by the House's experts, accompanied by professional herbalists, to offer you infusions with beneficial properties:

Belle énergie, Bon air, Moment tranquille, Sensation légère,, which can be accompanied by one or more toppings from a choice of 16 flowers, spices and herbs. The box can also be personalised.

Personalized infusion

The result: an infusion tailored to your desires and needs to be picked up in Click & Collect in our tea and infusion shop at 11, Place de la Madeleine in Paris!

Experience teas and infusions

Between tastings of the product of the moment, the scents of the ranges and the highlighting of raw products, this new shop invites consumers to live an experience where all the senses are called upon. Each visitor will be able to follow a real sensory journey and compose his or her own tailor-made infusion.

Creator of scented teas since 1886, FAUCHON opens its first tea & infusion boutique at 11, Place de la Madeleine. Just as perfumers compose their great fragrances, FAUCHON teas have always been chosen and blended by experts to create balanced and surprising sensations in the mouth. This 21 m² space reflects the expertise and know-how of the House, with a collection of iconic teas and infusions available in different formats, metal tins, bags and by weight.

Discover FAUCHON's tea expertise