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Luxury Confectionery

Discover the confectionery of the house

FAUCHON luxury confectionery

Aesthetic palaces always make an appointment with FAUCHON. Calisson, white nougat, fruit jelly, homemade lollipops, salted butter caramel... FAUCHON always offers you more innovation and excellence, both in terms of recipes and aesthetics, to delight lovers of luxury confectionery... A trip to the temple of greediness.

Calisson and fruit pastes

Golden, pink or silvery calissons or multicolored fruit pastes for extremely gourmet presentations. Fruits are the star ingredients of these famous sweets: oranges and melon for the calisson, all fruits, including the rarest, for the fruit pastes... FAUCHON reserves for your eyes and taste buds an explosion of flavors and colors. Thanks to a secret and legendary recipe, these luxury sweets immediately stand out for their aromas and softness.

The bitter almond, the star of the calisson and white nougat

At the base of a successful recipe of calisson or white nougat, there is also an almond rigorously selected and worked with attention and love of beautiful work. Selected among the best in the world, FAUCHON confectioners sublimate the best products to offer you their quintessence. You will enjoy an exceptional calisson and white nougat. You are living a daydream, the space of a tasting.

Sugar: the right dose of pleasure

An essential ingredient for all your moments of relaxation, sugar, at FAUCHON, knows how to be discreet. Salted butter caramel and homemade lollipops are thus designed to magnify the fragrance of all their components. Sugar is a perfume enhancer! Give way to the delicacy of almonds and pistachios, to the smoothness of butter with just the right amount of salt, to the softness of fresh cream, giving the caramel its exceptional melt-in-the-mouth texture.
Offering a FAUCHON luxury confectionery means savoring the French art of living.

Confectionery trays, objects of pleasure for the eyes and the palate

These are assortments of sweets in large luxurious trays. It's simple: there's something for everyone, in every color, for every taste, to share, for everyone to pick from. You will discover calissons, fruit jellies, chocolates, pralines, royal almonds, marrons glacés...

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