Caviar & sea products

Caviar & sea products

For lovers of iodized flavors, Sébastien Monceaux, our Executive Chef, has selected exceptional products that honor French excellence and ancestral know-how by working with local producers. Beluga, Osciètre or Baeri, all caviars are sourced from fish farms. The sturgeons are born, raised and produced in Aquitaine. Produced in a traditional, local way, with respect for the animal, these caviars are both subtle and powerful. Aged between 3 and 8 months, FAUCHON Baeri caviar is an explosion of harmoniously fruity and iodized flavors. Its brilliant grain combines roundness and firmness to delight your palate. FAUCHON Osciètre caviar, from an exclusive production of Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon, concentrates marine flavors and dried fruit notes in a sensual caviar. Its firm, golden-brown grains roll perfectly under the palate, gradually releasing their delicate aroma. Beluga, both complex and refined, is one of the world's most prestigious caviar selections. Its uniquely large, firm grains with gray highlights melt under the palate, gradually releasing the delicate flavors of a harmonious, refined caviar with a lovely long finish.

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What types of caviar do you offer at Fauchon?

Discover an exquisite selection of high-end caviars: Baeri, Osciètre and Beluga are honored to allow all gourmets to offer the taste experience that suits them. Each of our caviars is carefully sourced from fish farms in Aquitaine, where sturgeon are raised with ancestral know-how and special attention to their well-being.

How to describe Baeri caviar from Fauchon on the gustatory level?

Baeri de Fauchon caviar, a real gateway to the world of caviar, is a real delight for the taste buds. Its 8-month aging gives it an explosion of harmoniously fruity and iodized flavours, while its brilliant grain perfectly combines roundness and firmness for a unique taste experience. Mature or refined, its tasting, alone, with a spoon; the box simply placed on a bed of ice is a pleasure.

How long does the Baeri Fauchon caviar last?

If Baeri caviars are commercially available from 3 months of aging, those we offer at Fauchon are all matured for 8 months. This careful ripening gives the eggs time to fully develop their fruity and iodized flavors, while preserving their unique texture.

What characterizes Osciètre caviar from Fauchon?

Osciètre de Fauchon caviar comes from our exclusive production of sturgeon Gueldenstaedtii for a finished product of superior quality. Its firm grains with golden hues roll under the palate, gradually releasing marine flavors and dried fruit notes, thus offering a sensual and sophisticated tasting.

What are the peculiarities of Beluga caviar?

The Beluga caviar from Fauchon is one of the most prestigious selections in the world. Its very large single grains, firm and with gray reflections, melt delicately under the palate, gradually revealing delicate flavors of a rare harmony. This exceptional taste experience is supported by a remarkable length in the mouth.

What wines or champagnes do you recommend to accompany Beluga caviar?

Beluga caviar, by its complexity and refinement, is ideally combined with a crystalline white Burgundy adorned with a slight acidity or a white champagne, well balanced, which will highlight its delicate and subtle flavors.

How do you recommend tasting Fauchon caviar?

For optimal caviar tasting, avoid any superfluous accompaniment such as herbs or eggs.
Plan a minimum of 15 to 20g per person, and start with a first spoon. It delicately prepares the palate with a generous portion of this noble product. Let the firm and chewy grains of Osciètre caviar roll under your palate, gradually releasing marine flavors and dried fruit notes.
Continue with a second spoon to discover the subtleties of caviar, savoring the iodized flavors, the roundness of the olive and the vegetable notes of flower.
Finally, with the third spoon, you will be fully installed in the experience and can truly appreciate each delicate nuance of this exceptional dish.

What are the criteria for rearing sturgeon to produce high-quality caviar?

We make it a point of honor to promote French excellence through the quality of our caviar. For this, our sturgeons are raised in fish farms in Aquitaine, where their well-being is a top priority. Respect for the animal, the clarity of the water, traditional methods and know-how are essential criteria to guarantee the finesse and power of our caviars.

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