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Foie gras tasting advice

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How to taste Foie gras ?

Fauchon offers delicious duck and goose foie gras. Elaborated in an artisanal way from the best pieces, these melting foies gras reveal the richness of their aromas in the mouth. Discover how to eat whole foie gras and how to eat semi-cooked foie gras, how to choose the wine for foie gras, and which accompaniment for foie gras to choose.

Which foie gras to choose?

You hesitate between duck foie gras and goose foie gras? If the first one reveals in mouth a classic taste and frank aromas, goose foie gras seduces many gourmets by its delicacy and the subtlety of its flavors.

How to season foie gras?

You can add a pinch of fleur de sel, which will bring a touch of iodine. Pepper will give a welcome touch of spiciness and acidity.

Which bread to choose for foie gras ?

Count on simplicity to taste foie gras. We recommend country bread, whose crumb offers a beautiful density. Rye bread will sublimate the duck foie gras, thanks to the acidity it gives off. Feel like roundness? Opt for a gingerbread! Whichever bread you choose, lightly toast it. Once your bread for the foie gras is on the table, there's no question of spreading the foie gras! Simply put pieces on top, without crushing them, and enjoy.

What to eat with foie gras ?

Foie gras goes ideally with fresh fruits, such as figs or pears. You can also serve dried fruits, chutneys, compotes or marmalades as an accompaniment to foie gras.


Which wine for foie gras? 

Choosing the wine for foie gras must obey a golden rule: harmony around the smoothness. Soft white wines are preferred, which go perfectly with the fondant of the foie gras. Sauternes, Monbazillac and late harvest Alsace wines are sure values. The red wine/foie gras agreement takes all its meaning with foie gras served hot. Foie gras can also be served with Champagne, for an exceptional harmony.

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