Gourmet hampers

Gourmet hampers
Do you want to please your loved one or someone close to you? What if you were to give in to the temptation of offering a gourmet gift set? The gourmet gift box allows you to fulfil all your desires, with the best of sweet or savoury delicacies in a superb gourmet basket.

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Pampering your loved ones is so pleasant with a gourmet gift box, made by FAUCHON. A symbol of luxury gastronomy, FAUCHON offers a pretty range of sweets, in all formats, to offer without moderation. Lovers of bubbles, sweets for the palate, fancy snacks or shock aperitifs will be delighted to receive an assortment of FAUCHON's finest creations. In your gourmet box, you will find goose or duck foie gras, terrines, wine and champagne, chocolates or macaroons. And the box is worthy of the delights it contains, with a colourful and original selection of packaging for gourmet gift boxes to personalise and above all to adopt. All daring is permitted, all gourmet desires are fulfilled, all sweet and savoury desires are fulfilled with a FAUCHON gourmet gift box and its local products. Birthday, success, birth, the desire to say your love, a sign of friendship, life's little and big events are embodied in a gourmet gift box from FAUCHON's delicatessen. Don't wait any longer to enjoy your gourmet basket!
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