4 high-end business gift ideas

4 high-end business gift ideas

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Our 4 ideas for a top-of-the-range corporate gift

At the end of the year, to celebrate a professional success, to keep a souvenir of an event or simply to express your gratitude to your employees, the corporate gift is a real institution that never fails to make an impact and allows you to maintain cordial and fruitful professional relationships. It is also an opportunity to highlight your company's values and to convey a positive image to your current and future employees. 


To make a lasting impression and motivate your employees with finesse and diplomacy, but also with gourmet delicacy, discover 4 ideas for a top-of-the-range corporate gift, from the small attention to the luxurious box. 

The box of chocolates

As a gourmet and timeless gift, chocolate is a symbol of refinement and offering it is the expression of a deep intention to please that will be highly appreciated by your loyal employees and customers. The House of Fauchon relies on the know-how of the greatest pastry experts to elaborate refined and tasty chocolates, at the crossroads of audacity and tradition. 

According to your desires, offer your employees a box containing 8 to 81 dark and milk chocolates, worked with products of excellence such as Valencia almond, Piedmont hazelnut, buckwheat from France, Iranian pistachio, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, or Guérande fleur de sel. For special occasions, opt for an elegant box combining the delicacy of top-of-the-range chocolate with the fine bubbles of Fauchon brut champagne in 75 cl bottles or magnums.

The box of macarons

Who, better than the macaroon, expresses all the subtlety and delicacy that make French pastry shine throughout the world? In this respect, the macaroon is an essential gift idea to thank and motivate your employees for the coming year. Beyond its elegant appearance and exquisite taste, the Fauchon macaroon is a premium gift that delivers a message of respect and consideration. Exclusively handmade by the pastry chefs who make the reputation of the house, Fauchon macaroons are the result of a craftsmanship and exemplary meticulousness at each stage of production. 

Show your appreciation and earn the gratitude of your employees and partners by offering one of the superb boxes of finely decorated macaroons, revealing a surprising selection of 8, 12, 16 and up to 32 macaroons. Between fruity and creamy flavors, the classic macaroons with lemon, raspberry or coffee flavors, but also the bold combinations of mango-seed or pistachio-lemon will delight all the gourmets of your company. 

The confectionery arrangement

Calissons, fruit jellies, salted butter caramel, nougats, marrons glacés or homemade lollipops, Fauchon's luxury confectionery will surely hit the spot to bring your seminars or company parties to a close. Halfway between the candor of childhood and the demands of adulthood, the confectionery assortments will offer your employees a bath of comfort, like a well-deserved reward for a year of hard work. 

For small occasions such as major events, at Christmas or during a seminar, Fauchon's confectionery assortments are available in a wide range of carefully designed boxes and trays that are sure to leave a lasting impression on their recipients. Made by master craftsmen from excellent raw materials, these confectionery products reveal natural flavors and textures to seduce the discerning palates of your most demanding customers.

The gastronomic box

Your most loyal partners and your best employees deserve the best. To offer them a corporate gift that is worthy of their efforts, let yourself be tempted by the world of Fauchon's gourmet gift boxes. Salty or sweet, discover an assortment of extraordinary luxury products. Jams, chocolates, teas, cookies and various sweets, but also foie gras, original condiments, surprising spreads and much more. From the great classics to the most innovative creations, Fauchon brings together in these boxes the best of its know-how to offer anyone who receives it a unique culinary experience. 

More than a simple commercial gesture, this gift promises to leave an imperishable memory with its recipients. Choose from a wide range of boxes, from Attentions to Follies, choose the delicacies that will delight your employees and customers, with or without their bottle of champagne, in an elegant printed bag or enclosed in a sumptuous trunk for your illustrious employees. 

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