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Gourmet gifts for Christmas

Discover the gourmet gift boxes

With FAUCHON, offer a gourmet gift for Christmas

Boxes of jams, assorted chocolates and other gourmet boxes... Think of gourmet gifts for Christmas with FAUCHON's luxury products. We offer you many festive products to offer, to share and of course to taste!

Offer a gourmet box for Christmas!

To be sure to please, what could be better than a gourmet box? This gourmet Christmas gift, filled with luxury gourmet products selected by FAUCHON, always arrives at the right time. Because during the festivities, it is a pleasure to taste festive products of excellent quality. Chocolates, sweets, jams... We indulge all our desires.

Chocolate assortments: the ideal festive product

The assortment of chocolates is the perfect gourmet Christmas gift. At FAUCHON, chocolates are true luxury products. All the know-how of our chocolatiers is used to offer you classic chocolates (ganache, milk chocolate, praline) but also more daring creations with more complex flavors. Offer your spouse a beautiful heart-shaped box of chocolates for him or her to melt with pleasure. You can also choose among the different sizes of chocolate boxes.

The box of jams: an original present

For Christmas, offer jams to your loved ones. But not just any jams! FAUCHON jams combine tradition and creation through original recipes. You will find creative jams to be tasted throughout the seasons and many others, more classic, made from the most delicate fruits. To help you discover tasty recipes, think of the jam boxes composed of an assortment of carefully selected mini jams.