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How to make a delicious homemade iced tea?

Fauchon: How to make delicious homemade iced tea?

Summer is here and the sun is shining, so why not relax on a sun lounger and forget about the world around you? Think about quenching your thirst with a delicious homemade iced tea! Yes, you can make your own iced tea at home, and all you need are a few simple ingredients! Find out how to prepare exquisite homemade iced tea recipes with Fauchon.

Fauchon iced tea recipes for summer


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The main ingredient in iced tea is, of course, tea! Black, white or green tea, you need to choose the base for your iced tea according to your tastes and desires. Here's the recipe for this refreshing drink, and now it's up to you!


First, select your Fauchon tea to prepare THE iced tea that will seduce your taste buds. Choose LEMON & MINT TEA, an exotic tea with the refreshing flavours of lime, lemon and mint for an incomparable taste experience.

UN SOIR DE FRANCE TEA IN SACHETS is a fruity black tea with the sweet, fresh scents of apricot and citrus fruits releasing their intoxicating fragrances. 

PERFUMED GREEN TEA, a floral tea with a tender rose fragrance and a light fruity note of lychee, combines flowers and roses in a fusion of rare complicity. Delicate and fresh, discover the gentle subtleties of this bewildering blend. 


Difficulty: easy Preparation and resting time: 5 minutes / 2h



For 1 litre of iced tea :


- 1 l water

- 2 or 3 tea bags of your choice or about 15g of loose tea

- Ice cubes



- Brown sugar or honey

- Lemon slices or other fruit

- A few mint leaves


- 1 carafe

- 1 spoon

- 1 spatula


Making the iced tea 

1) Bring 1 litre of water to the boil in a kettle or saucepan.

2) Place the brown sugar (1 tablespoon) or honey (1 tablespoon) to taste in the bottom of the carafe, followed by the tea bags or loose tea.

3) As soon as the water is boiling, carefully pour it into the carafe.

4) According to the time indicated on the tea packet, leave your tea bags (usually 3-5 minutes) or loose tea to infuse.

5) Depending on whether you have chosen loose or bagged tea, filter the infusion either by collecting the tea bags or by straining the infusion through a sieve.

6) You'll still have to wait to enjoy your iced tea! You'll need to leave your decanter of tea in the fridge for a few hours.

7) Once the tea has cooled down, place ice cubes in the bottom of the glass and pour the tea generously over the top.

8) Add slices of fruit of your choice (lemon, orange, etc.) and a few mint leaves to flavour the tea and make it tasty! You can also add fruit syrup.


For extra flavour and taste, make tea ice cubes! It's as simple as brewing the tea of your choice long enough to make it full-bodied, then pouring it directly into an ice cube tray. Put it in the fridge until you have enough ice cubes.

Then all you have to do is place the tea ice cubes in the bottom of your glass and pour in the delicious iced tea you've prepared beforehand.

Thanks to this tip, the taste of your iced tea will be enhanced and even more refreshing!

What are the benefits of iced tea? 

Drinking iced tea is good for your health! Iced tea has many benefits. In fact, it has or provides the following benefits:


- Hydration: Essentially made up of water, iced tea will refresh you and, above all, hydrate your body to maintain physiological balance. What's more, water helps to eliminate toxins.


- Antioxidant: tea is rich in antioxidants, the main benefits of which are boosting the immune system and slowing down cell ageing.


- Less sugar: Unlike industrial drinks, homemade iced tea is much lower in calories and sugar.


- Source of manganese: containing manganese, an essential trace element, tea helps to maintain bone strength, supports the metabolism and promotes better healing.


- Relaxation: tea has a relaxing effect and is an effective stress reliever, so make the most of it.


When should you drink iced tea?

There's no specific time to drink iced tea: it can be enjoyed at any time! Take advantage of your moment in the sun, by the water or on a terrace to relax and refresh yourself.

Thanks to its benefits, you can enjoy your drink without worrying about side-effects, while avoiding excessive consumption.

Other teas for refreshment

Tea can be enjoyed in other ways to cool down! Frosted, iced, iced, it's up to you!

Depending on how you brew your tea, it won't have the same taste or the same name.


Iced tea is when the tea is infused and then the still hot liquor is poured into a glass filled with ice cubes.


Iced tea can be brewed in different ways:

- Iced: the Japanese method known as Koridashi involves infusing the tea directly from the ice cubes.

- Cold: The water used to prepare the tea is not boiled, so the tea is placed directly in the water and left to infuse in the fridge for around 8 hours.

- At room temperature: Leave the tea to infuse in water at room temperature for 2 hours, then place the carafe in the fridge before serving.

Discover the 4 ways to brew iced tea and our fabulous selection of teas to prepare your delicious summer iced teas!