Handmade Easter chocolates

Handmade Easter chocolates

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What would Easter be without the chocolates that accompany it? Much awaited by children, who love to go on an egg hunt, it is also eagerly awaited by our House. For Fauchon, it is once again an opportunity to put creativity at the service of taste. Making a homemade Easter chocolate that delights the youngest children as much as the adults is the challenge we take up every year.

Handcrafted Easter chocolate: a gift that pleases everyone

At Easter, chocolate is king. Obviously, children are the first to be interested. As soon as they wake up, they rush out in search of their gourmet treasure. Eggs, rabbits or chickens wisely hide in the houses or the tall grass in the gardens waiting to be discovered. Once found, they are usually eaten immediately. But Easter is also the occasion to offer chocolates to your loved ones. Indeed, adults do not deny their pleasure at the idea of receiving a box of sweets or original Easter chocolates as a gift. Even more so when it's a handcrafted Easter chocolate signed by a renowned company. It is then transformed into a tasting chocolate, seducing both the sight and the palate of fine gourmets and gourmands.

Creations of a master chocolate maker

For the pleasure of the senses to be complete, it is preferable that the chocolate be of good quality. Made according to the rules of the art by a craftsman, it is the guarantee of excellence. It is never too early to introduce little gourmets to the fine and subtle flavours of a good Easter chocolate. For his collection, our Chef carefully selects his raw material, cocoa. The beans are chosen according to their properties and their purpose: couverture or filling chocolate. Creating a new assortment is an opportunity to go in search of nuggets with surprising characteristics, which will seduce simple gourmets as well as lovers of great vintages. Our pralines are very rich in dried fruits (65%) for an infinite pleasure in the mouth. Exceptional ingredients are also used in the compositions: Valencia almond, hazelnut from Piedmont or Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. All the French chocolate maker's know-how is deployed to make refined chocolates with elegant lines.

Our handmade Easter chocolate collections


Every year, we revisit the range of our Easter chocolates for young and old alike. For a regressive pleasure, find the traditional subjects: the Easter egg, hens, rabbits, white or milk chocolate fries. And according to our Chef's sources of inspiration, discover also more original or exotic creations that will make you travel. Offer an adorable frog in dark or milk chocolate or a superb garnished macaw and watch for the reaction of your loved ones. Success guaranteed!


For Easter, you wish to give a gift of more classic creations? You offer chocolates to your customers, employees or distant family and prefer to stay with a traditional range? Of course, our usual assortment remains available during this period. You will find all the great classics for which our House is famous: heart boxes, chocolate boxes, truffles, bars, etc. With Fauchon, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to spoiling those you love or your colleagues. If you can't come to the store to select from among all our handcrafted creations the one you prefer, you can also choose your Easter chocolates online.

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