Frozen, iced or frosted? It's up to you!

When the sun's rays persist, hot tastings give way to more refreshing moments around iced and iced teas for the whole family. Whether it's a fruity tropical rain or a tonic and minty green tea, here is the selection and advice of our tea experts to quench your thirst in style.

Strawberry flavoured black tea

A fruity, sweet and meltingly delicious tea...

We invite you to rediscover the strawberry in a new blend. This tea reinterprets this tender childhood flavour with a pure and minimalist approach, centred on the taste of a ripe fruit, just picked and immediately bitten.

The approach to this tea is more fruit-oriented than candy-oriented, as is often the case with strawberries. Like the other teas in the fruit and flower collection, it's a balance on all sides.

This strawberry tea is ideal for breakfast.

Pineapple, strawberry & hibiscus flavoured Rooibos

A fruity infusion, inviting you to enjoy a basket of sweet & sunny fruits...

Rooibos (Aspalanhus Linearis), offers a soft base, without theine, with honeyed, finely sweetened notes. The strawberry and candied pineapple accord offers an incomparable explosion of flavours, reinforced by the delicate, tangy taste of hibiscus petals.

Its aromatic notes are sweet, honeyed and slightly woody. The caramelised red liquor envelops the palate and offers a beautiful moment of tasting.

This infusion can be enjoyed from breakfast to bedtime.

Green tea with lemon & ginger

A refreshing tea, combining benefits for the body & mind...

This scented green tea brings together two ingredients whose synergy no longer needs to be presented, on the basis of a tonic green tea. The fresh and juicy yellow lemon, energized by the spicy notes of ginger. This fragrant green tea offers a unique aromatic freshness, whether enjoyed hot or iced.

A well-balanced green tea with almost no bitterness. The ginger gives it a kick without being overpowering. It is a very well-balanced blend of flavours.

This tea can be enjoyed in the afternoon with some fine pastries.

Green tea with lemon & spearmint

A tea rich in sensations, combining sweetness and power...

FAUCHON Lemon Mint Tea is a concentrate of sensation! Lemons and limes, like a sorbet, are enhanced by the minty, icy breeze of spearmint. A few slivers of coconut soften the blend, bringing sweetness and roundness to the liquor. 

This tea is a balanced green tea with almost no bitterness and a zesty lemon sorbet effect. 

This tea can be enjoyed in the morning for an invigorating effect, or all day long as an iced tea.

Blackcurrant flavoured tea

A minimalist & fruit-focused black tea...

Blackcurrant black tea is a purple velvet fabric that envelops and
and transporting. The blackest of red fruits finds its place here in a minimalist black tea, focused on the fruit. Blackcurrant black tea celebrates all the aromatic facets of this elegant fruit. The woody, fruity and floral notes make this a remarkable black tea.

This tea sublimates the blackcurrant, a generous, greedy and intense fruit offering a beautiful tasting experience.

This tea can be enjoyed at breakfast. 

Recipes ideas

Fruity cascade: Brew our Rooibos - Pineapple, Strawberry & Hibiscus infusion and add rose petals or rosebuds as a topping.

Iced Kiss: Make a blend of our Blackcurrant (50%) and Strawberry (50%) black teas and add fresh or freeze-dried red fruits as a topping.

Lemon frosting: Make a blend of our Lemon & Spearmint green tea (50%) and Lemon & Ginger green tea (50%) and add a fresh mint leaf or a slice of fresh lemon as a topping.