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Mother's Day: why give a gourmet box?

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4 reasons to offer a gourmet box for Mother's Day

This Sunday 04 June 2023 will be the occasion when French men and women will celebrate their mothers throughout the world. It is the ideal moment to share a moment with your family in a good mood and to show your affection to the one who gave you life thanks to an exceptional gourmet gift.

Gourmet box: an unforgettable journey of flavour for Mother's Day

If you're short of inspiration but want to mark the occasion with a special gift, don't worry, we've got the ideas you need!

For an exceptional mother, an exceptional gift! What could be better than culinary delights as a Mother's Day gift, all in a gourmet, chic and luxurious gift basket? With a gourmet box, there's no need to tear your heart out to choose which delicacy to give and take it all!

The great advantage of gourmet gift boxes is that they offer a wide range of flavours and dishes, which you can also compose yourself. Thanks to Fauchon's know-how and expertise, offer luxurious gifts with refined flavours, sweet or savoury. It's a guaranteed journey of refined flavours that will take you to the finest Parisian cafés or pastry shops, or to the best local producers.

Mother's Day and Fauchon gourmet boxes: a multitude of choices

If you are in doubt about your mother's preferences, you can turn to a gourmet gift of chocolate, tea, macaroon or even wine. The choices are endless!

With a chocolate box, offer top-of-the-range chocolate delights, designed with the know-how of one of France's Best Craftsmen and exceptional ingredients. Offer a moment of comfort and indulgence with these delicious dark or milk chocolates to your loved one! If you are not tempted to taste the chocolates before offering them...


If you're worried that chocolates won't do the trick, think about macarons with their sweet and fruity flavours, ideal for the beautiful days of May. Find classic sweets like raspberry or rose, or more original flavours like blackcurrant-purple in colourful gourmet boxes. You can even have your Mother's Day gift basket accompanied by a bottle of champagne or an exceptional tea.

And for the gourmets who prefer savoury food, discover the selection of Fauchon products in gourmet baskets with a farandole of savoury pleasures: exceptional foie gras, gourmet mini-toasts, gourmet spreads, top-of-the-range champagnes, it's the ideal gift for all the fine gourmets who love local products and French gastronomy!

For example, discover the Chic'issime Fauchon box which offers a delicious selection of duck foie gras from the South-West, rillettes of scallops Breton style or rillettes of crab, and many others, all accompanied by a bottle of champagne R de Ruinart brut: a gourmet, comforting and tender gift that is sure to have a small effect!

Can't choose between sweet and savoury? Do both! Fauchon's offers are wide and flexible, so it's up to you to compose your gourmet box for Mother's Day as you wish. Or trust Fauchon's expertise and know-how, opt for Fauchon's boxes, created with the best combinations of products for an unforgettable tasty journey.

Gourmet boxes for Mother's Day: a simple and original gift


As the last Sunday in May approaches, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the woman who does so much for us. No more pasta necklaces or poems from our childhood, or even classic jewellery and flower bouquets, you now want to mark the occasion but inspiration is not always there and sometimes there is no time. Fortunately, gourmet boxes for Mother's Day are also great last-minute gifts. It's quick and easy to place an order online on our website or in one of our shops.

And if you're worried that your box is too impersonal, don't worry! You can totally personalise your Mother's Day gift box by choosing what you think will please. Especially if she is a lover of French gastronomy. Only you know the tastes of the woman who gave you life.


Mother's Day: a moment to enjoy with the family


Mother's Day is first and foremost an opportunity to honour your mother for everything she does for you. You can give a permanent dimension to your gourmet box with a little extra such as a bergamot and green tea scented candle, an hourglass for the tea infusion time and perfectly reveal the flavours of your gourmet tea basket, or even cups to enjoy your sweet treats with a good cup of tea in the company of your mother for an unforgettable moment of complicity in family.