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Your Fauchon wedding cake

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Your Fauchon wedding cake

Say yes with an original wedding cake! To properly celebrate the most beautiful day of your life, bet on a wedding cake. A refined pastry to share among your guests.


Mounted parts for Fauchon wedding

Fauchon pastry chefs revisit the traditional wedding cake and propose creations that will surprise your guests. From the macaroon wedding cake to the eclairs wedding cake, the House's signature pastry, discover the collection of original wedding cakes. Fauchon also offers a Piece of overlapping entremets and a Folie Entremets Concorde Mounted Piece. Customizable, the Fauchon wedding cake set pieces will make a strong impression!


Mounted parts of Fauchon lightning bolts

Raspberry, lemon, caramel salted butter, orange, coffee, chocolate... Without forgetting the perfumes of the season: compose your piece of lightning made-to-measure. Under their multicolored icing, these mini eclairs hide a gourmet cream.


Mounted pieces of Fauchon macarons

As pretty to look at as it is delicious, the mounted piece of Fauchon macarons makes its little effect! Available from 65 mini-macarons (up to 325), this pyramid of macarons can be customized with the fragrances from the mini-macaron collection. Concealed under two aerial shells, the creamy cream of Fauchon macarons is rich in fragrance.

Buy a wedding cake online

Want to buy a wedding cake online? Order on the Fauchon website: depending on its size, your original wedding cake can be picked up in the store or delivered by a Fauchon driver.