Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming Gifts
Have your friends just moved into a new apartment and are you looking for a housewarming gift idea? What if you were original by offering them a gourmet and refined gift? Discover our selection of exceptional boxes and products to offer on the occasion of the installation party for your loved ones.

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Champagne, the must-have gift idea for housewarming parties

Moving into a new house or flat is often synonymous with a new life beginning. But what to choose as a gift for this special occasion? Champagne, the sparkling elixir and almost universal symbol of celebration, is an obvious choice. Offering a bottle of Fauchon brut champagne to your friends for their move in is a gift full of joy and kindness, in other words, the ideal gift idea for a housewarming party! With this gift, you can send your best wishes to your friends and let them know that you are sincerely happy for their new life. These delicate bubbles to be savoured together are the promise of a convivial, joyful and forward-looking moment. This gift idea can be adapted to suit your wishes and the preferences of your friends. If they are a couple, they will be delighted to see their new life together celebrated with a box of champagne & macaroons, in 16 or 32 pieces. If your friends are avid chocolate lovers, you'll find something to please them and create a surprise with a sophisticated champagne & chocolate gift box. To double (or triple) the pleasure, you can also turn to an assortment of Fauchon champagnes, in the form of an elegant box containing a bottle of brut champagne and a bottle of rosé champagne in its duo version, to which is added a bottle of fruitillant Pomme Framboise in its trio version.

The macaron, a gourmet and original housewarming gift

An indisputable symbol of French refinement, the macaron is the perfect gift idea to combine luxury and gustatory pleasure at a house-warming party. Between the freshness of fruity flavours and the greediness of chocolate, hazelnut or coffee macarons, our online shop offers you a wide choice for your house-warming gift. Made with the strictest respect for tradition and using the finest ingredients by our pastry chefs, Fauchon macarons in their pretty decorated box will inevitably hit home with hosts and guests alike.

Why do we give gifts at a housewarming party?

The housewarming party has its roots in the medieval period. Centuries ago, those who contributed to the work on a new house were all invited to celebrate the inhabitants' move in with a thank you meal. To cook the food that was served at this party, it was customary to hang the pot over the fire with a notched iron rod: the rack. This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation and has become the party among friends that we know today. While it is no longer necessary to have been involved in the construction of the house to be invited to a housewarming party, it has become common practice to make a contribution to the building by giving the new occupants a gift. This can be something useful to furnish the new home, or simply a gift that marks the festive dimension of the event, such as a bottle of champagne, exquisite chocolates or delicious macarons!
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