Grandmothers' Day: 7 gourmet and original gift ideas 

The month of March is fast approaching with its gibbulations, its shy blooms and its long-awaited first days of spring. More than anyone else, those who are looking forward to the third month of the year are our grandmothers! For over 30 years, the first Sunday in March has been dedicated to Grandmothers' Day: an opportunity to spoil those who have pampered us so much during our childhood.
If the desire to please is never lacking, it's sometimes the ideas that fail... However, if like so many others, your grandmother has introduced you to greediness and the joys of delicacies, we have what you need to return the favour. Discover 7 gourmet and original gift ideas for Grandmothers' Day!

A box of macarons and champagne

More than a simple gift, this box of macaroons and champagne is a real invitation to spend a convivial and festive moment with your family. These two delicacies concentrate the excellence of French gastronomy, so precious to our dear grandmothers. On the one hand, the finesse and generosity of the macaroon, whose crispy shell and melting ganache bear witness to the craftsmanship of the House of Fauchon, and on the other, a refined and invigorating champagne that gives festive accents to the simplest moments.

An assortment of sweets

For grandma, there's no question of making concessions. Biscuits with bits of Breton caramel, "Un Après-midi à Paris" tea, dark chocolate truffles, salted butter caramels and apricot jam: this box will delight the most greedy grandmothers and their grandchildren in passing. An assortment of sweets, each one more tasty and delicate than the last, which are all as many pretexts to multiply the gourmet moments!

A box of teas

Comforting and warm, tea is the perfect gift to tell your grandmother all the tenderness you have for her. With 36 tea bags of 6 original and unique flavours with rich and subtle tastes (Dream Merchant - Earl Grey & Bleuets - Sencha - Darjeeling Imperial F.O.P. - Lemon & Green Mint Sorbet - La Menthe), it is a dose of discovery and sweetness that this elegant tea box contains.

The mixed chocolates

If chocolate is on the podium of the must-have gifts from January to December, Grandmothers' Day is no exception. The gift idea synonymous with pleasure par excellence sounds like an obvious way to celebrate those whose cupboards were full of treats ready to be eaten on the sly. There's no need to hide to enjoy this assortment of chocolate sweets made up of dark and milk chocolate beggars, almonds and hazelnuts coated with white and milk chocolate, and dark chocolate orangettes.
Others will revel in the box of chocolate snacks containing its dark and milk chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate gourmet squares, caramelized almonds and coconut chips, dark chocolate gourmet squares, red fruits, cocoa nibs and candied oranges covered in dark chocolate.

A boxed set of savoury delights

Gluttony does not stop at the borders of sweetness! In this delicious Happy Hour box set, your grandmother will find a variety of gustatory pleasures that look like holiday meals. In an elegant box in the colors of the Fauchon house, a veritable farandole of top-of-the-range savory specialties: almond and fig mini-toasts, whole duck foie gras from the southwest, duck terrine, salmon rillettes and scallop rillettes à la Bretonne. If you make her eyes sweet, she might share it with you!

An assortment of fine biscuits

Remember that famous cookie jar you used to eye on as a child and which turned out, to your great disappointment, to contain only sewing materials you had no use for? This year, take advantage of Grandma's Day to offer your grandmother a real box of fine cookies, and not just any cookies: almond cobblestones, thin pancakes, miniature butter cookies, dark chocolate miniature butter cookies, Grué pancakes, plain pancakes and lace pancakes, all in a superb box with shimmering colors reminiscent of the capital.

A heart of chocolates

Tell your grandma how much you love her with this heart-shaped box and its delicious chocolate content. To make this grandmother's day unforgettable and to mark it with tender attention, this beautiful box contains exceptional sweets: hearts in dark and milk chocolate, almonds coated with dark and milk chocolate, hazelnuts coated with milk and white chocolate, milk gianduja and orangettes.

Were you inspired by these gift ideas? Make your choice from among the most gourmet and delicate sweets, biscuits and chocolates in our selection of grandmother's day gifts.

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