Grandmother gift

Grandmother gift
Find the perfect gift for your grandmother with Fauchon Need a gift idea for Grandma's Day? Fauchon offers you a wide range of refined dishes that will delight her taste buds: boxes of chocolates, jams, macaroons, terrines, champagne... Enough to give your grandmother an unforgettable holiday!

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FAQ - Grandma's gift

What's the best present to give your grandmother?

A grandmother is a little ray of sunshine. She's always there to comfort us (or spoil us), with her endless supply of hugs, good recipes and anecdotes. It's always a good idea to give her a gift that reflects what she brings us on a daily basis, and there's no need to wait for her birthday or anniversary!

At Fauchon, you'll find a lovely, gourmet gift for your dear granny. From teas and sweet treats to sweet and savoury spreads, you're bound to find the perfect gift for her. Choose individual treats, such as a box of 24 praline chocolates, or a complete box, such as La boîte cadeau, to enjoy with her.

What gift sets should you give your grandmother?

Fauchon's gift boxes have been carefully put together to help you discover unique gourmet dishes. The advantage of the boxed set format is that it offers a wide variety of flavours, combining sweet, savoury, etc.

If your grandmother is more partial to sweet treats, there are several boxed set options available to you. These include:

● Boxes of macarons and champagne
● Tea and jam box
● 3-spice box
● Coffret macarons glacés
● Gourmet snack box

Rather savoury? Turn to the Fauchon Brunch box, where a butternut, honey and almond spread, salmon rillettes and mini rosemary goat's cheese pancakes are combined with finesse and refinement. You'll also find a number of sweet treats. For a granny who loves foie gras, opt for the foie gras set, which also includes a tasty fig compote.

What other gifts are available on the site?

To please your grandmother, Fauchon has come up with some simple and colourful gift ideas that are sure to make an impact. From flower buds and shopping bags to tea balls and scented candles, there's something for everyone.

Don't hesitate to add one of these items to your order. There's no doubt that your grandmother will be particularly touched by your choice.

Can Fauchon gift boxes for grandma be personalised?

Of course, gift boxes can also be personalised. This option not only allows you to match your dear grandma's tastes, but also shows her that you know her well.

To personalise a gift box, choose the theme (savoury, sweet or mixed), the format and you're all set!

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