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What Are the Best Alternatives to Coffee?

For several centuries, coffee has been one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. Its stimulating power allows us to endure long days and seems inseparable from our daily routine.

However, there are numerous coffee alternatives that can subtly and delicately stimulate you throughout your day. Among these alternatives, tea stands out for its elegance and refinement.

Fauchon's flavored teas provide a moment of relaxation every day while providing the energy needed to last until evening. Fauchon presents you with a multitude of alternatives to coffee to start your day in the best way or to extend a moment of happiness.


Between Pleasure and Discovery, Discover the Best Alternatives to Coffee

Over time, many naturally stimulating beverages have emerged as alternatives to coffee. Fauchon invites you to discover its best options to replace coffee while enjoying an exceptional drink.

Finding the right flavour combinations

The choice of chocolate for coffee is obvious because of the common flavours that these two products share. They bring out the best in each other, making them the perfect combination for all your gourmet breaks. With this in mind, you can opt for brand-name chocolates, chocolate-covered fruit or chocolate squares with a high percentage of cocoa. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or more specific products (with almonds or hazelnuts, for example), there is no shortage of possibilities for a successful tasting.

With Fauchon, you will be able to buy exceptional products designed by great French chocolate masters. The choice of quality is a sure value to sublimate the flavours of your coffee. Although these sweets should of course be consumed in moderation, a small amount of high-quality chocolate taken with coffee is a good way to combine pleasure with a beneficial effect on health. Depending on your taste, you will be able to find a variety of specialities, including praline and crispy chocolates.


Used as a medicinal plant for many centuries, chicory became a coffee substitute around the 18th century in Europe.

Although chicory does not contain caffeine and therefore does not have a stimulating effect on the brain, its taste and appearance resemble those of coffee, which can strongly influence your perceptions and offer you the desired sensation of pleasure in coffee.

This beverage retains the taste of coffee while eliminating its nervous aspect, which is advantageous for your overall well-being.



Like coffee, matcha can enhance your productivity throughout the day due to its caffeine content. This antioxidant-rich beverage greatly improves concentration and stimulation thanks to its energizing properties.

And unlike coffee, matcha offers a sustainable energy boost, avoiding energy crashes in the middle of the day. This powdered ground green tea leaves can be the perfect substitute for coffee in your daily routine!

Other coffee alternatives, such as rooibos, known for its body benefits, or simply water, which remains the best hydrator, are also available.

The key if you want to reduce your coffee consumption is to discover these alternative beverages, as one of them could surely make you forget about coffee while providing you with the necessary energy for the day!



Whether green, black, or another variety, tea is full of benefits. As a natural immune booster, this beverage promotes well-being throughout the day, thanks to its antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

Drinking tea helps combat stress while improving cognitive functions, thanks to its caffeine content that promotes stimulation, just like coffee!

In addition to revitalizing your energy, the possibilities of tea combinations are endless, giving you the opportunity to discover the perfect aromatic blend to delight your taste buds.



Tea crosses borders and opens up gustatory horizons. That's why Fauchon collaborates today with the most renowned tea artisans to offer you an unparalleled sensory experience.

Among the alternatives to coffee, Fauchon's flavored teas stand out for their elegance and refinement.

Depending on your preferences and desires, not all teas have the same attributes and characteristics. This is why our artisans have worked to assemble the best flavors and thus create the ideal tea for you. Discover our Fauchon flavored teas.


Earl Grey & Blueberries flavored tea is a great alternative to coffee, as it has energizing properties and retains its soft and floral notes in the mouth.

The bergamot combined with vanilla notes allows you to dive into a moment of pleasure and comfort during the day, while giving you the energy to be at your best. To fully enjoy its flavor, the tea's infusion time is 5 minutes.


If you're looking for an alternative to coffee to wake up in the morning, Morning Tea can be the perfect option. This black tea, originating from India and Sri Lanka, is a blend of broken Assam and Ceylon teas, ideal for starting the day with energy and liveliness, offering an incomparable sensory experience with each cup.


For an extraordinary moment of pleasure, let yourself be seduced by our Ceylon O.P Kenilworth tea. Rich in aromas, this tea from Sri Lanka with fruity flavors offers you an incomparable mouthfeel.

Our range of flavored teas is available in sachets, metal boxes, and gift sets to satisfy all desires at different times of the day.



We know that drinking coffee in large quantities is not necessarily good for health (hypertension, sleep and digestive problems, or nervousness). To reduce your coffee consumption, it is advisable to do so gradually.

Replacing part of your consumption with alternative beverages such as tea, water, or natural fruit juices can be an excellent option. Over time, you will notice a natural decrease in your consumption.

Finding an alternative to coffee has never been easier thanks to Fauchon's flavored teas. Our teas offer a delicious and stimulating experience while being gentler on the nervous system than coffee.

Variety in exploring different tea flavors can also make the process of reducing coffee consumption more enjoyable. Indulge in the craftsmanship and artistry of Fauchon teas, creations as timeless as they are delicate.


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