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Departure party: how to organise it?

In this article, Fauchon gives you all the advice you need to organise your family's New Year's Eve party.

Departure party with your colleagues: how to have a good time

Are you leaving your company soon and want to leave on a high note? In that case, what better way than to organise a farewell party with all your colleagues and relatives? In this article, Fauchon gives you its best tips for organising your farewell party and making it an unforgettable memory.

Why organise a farewell party?

In life, it is important to celebrate your victories but also your great moments of change. When you join a company, you meet new people who you meet every day at work and with whom you develop relationships over time. So, on the day you leave, it is important to mark this moment as the end of a good experience in your company.

There are many reasons why you might want to leave your company, not just to retire. It could be to discover new horizons with a new job elsewhere, to retrain, or simply to take a break. In any case, you deserve to organise a farewell party with your colleagues to end your adventure on a high note and start a new stage in your life.


Departure party: who to invite and where to hold it

The guests

To organise the ideal farewell party, one of the first things to think about is: who do you want to invite? Indeed, in this kind of circumstance, it is important to be well surrounded. To do this, you need to make sure that your colleagues and relatives can be invited to the event: to this end, don't hesitate to offer them several dates for invitations, both during the day and in the evening, so that you can choose the one that will suit everyone best. You will then be able to enjoy your farewell party surrounded by the people you care about most, for an unforgettable celebration!

The venue

For a perfect celebration, the choice of venue is one of the most important parameters. There are several choices available to you:

  • A farewell party at the office: a nice way to end your adventure in the premises that have accompanied you during your professional experience. In this way, you can celebrate yourself but also celebrate the place where you have bonded with your colleagues.
  • A farewell party in a bar: having your farewell party in a bar is a great idea if you want to get away from many of the constraints of choosing a venue, as it's a self-contained venue... and often more festive! However, make sure you call the bar in advance to make sure there will be enough room to accommodate all your guests.
  • A farewell party in a hall: booking a hall allows you to easily choose the size of the venue in which you want to celebrate your farewell party, and also gives you a lot of freedom in terms of the layout of it.
  • A farewell party in your own home: if you have enough space at home, hosting your guests in your cocoon can also be an excellent choice. The advantage: you will have the freedom to opt for the organisation you want!


Enjoy your farewell drink with Fauchon products

For a successful farewell party, you need to put together a complete buffet that will satisfy all your guests. Fauchon, rich in know-how that will guarantee unforgettable flavours, offers you its ideal products to delight all the taste buds during your party.


The choice of drinks is crucial for your farewell party: it will be the central element of the party. If you want to give your guests the best tasting experience, you can offer them these various products to drink:

  • The magnum of fauchon brut champagne: the essential alcohol of fauchon products, this flowery white champagne will offer an elegant tasting to your guests.
  • The fauchon rosé champagne: this rosé champagne, rich with its sweet spices and forest fruits, will delight the taste buds of the finest gourmets.
  • The champagne krug grande cuvée : named after the founder of our house, Joseph Krug, this champagne reflects the excellence of Fauchon. Aged on a lath for about 7 years, it will bring a unique dimension to your party.
  • Lecompte 25 year old calvados: perfect for dessert tasting, the very fruity Lecompte 25 year old calvados will be the king of your tastings with generous and varied scents.
  • Ruinart Brut champagne: a great classic of champagnes, Ruinart's blanc des blancs will be welcome at the buffet of your farewell drink, for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.
  • Ruinart Rosé champagne: intense, fruity and aromatic, Ruinart Rosé will be an excellent guest at your table to bring the richest flavours to your farewell drink.



If the drinks are an essential part of your farewell celebration, so is the food. Fauchon therefore offers you an explosion of flavours through various rich and varied dishes that will delight the greediest for the occasion:

  • Brioche mini-toasts: essential for your buffet tastings, brioche mini-toasts will accompany you all the way to the end of the party!
  • Mini almond and fig toasts: for a gourmet moment, the mini almond and fig toasts inspired by the famous almond crunch will be the kings of your aperitifs, with foie gras as well as cheese.
  • The 4 rillettes of the sea box: this box composed of mackerel rillettes with goat cheese, scallops Breton style, sardines or salmon will reveal the best marine flavours.
  • Mini cheddar pancakes: these mini pancakes made from an artisanal Breton recipe melt in your mouth, with a melting and creamy cheddar filling mixed with the unique crispness of the pancake.
  • The terrine made in fauchon: blended with the delicacy of porcini mushrooms, this minced terrine will be a promise of rich flavours for your guests.
  • Duck terrine: this terrine with its incomparable texture will awaken your taste buds thanks to its touch of pink Lautrec garlic mixed with pork and duck.
  • Chicken fragmentation with lemon confit: for an explosion of flavours, the chicken fragmentation with lemon confit will delight you. The sweetness of the melting chicken mixed with the character of the preserved lemon guarantees an exceptional combination.
  • The aubergine ricotta & mint spread: perfect to match with your toasts, this creamy and fresh spread will have an ideal place on your buffet at your farewell party.
  • The assortment of 52 fine biscuits for an afternoon in Paris: to finish your buffet in style, our selection of fine biscuits prepared according to authentic recipes will bring the ideal touch of sweetness during your celebration.