5 recipe ideas for chestnut cream jam

Chestnut cream (or chestnut jam) is a popular food that can be easily incorporated into many recipes. It is often eaten in autumn and winter and can be used in desserts, ice creams and cakes in an elegant way. To give you an idea of the possibilities of this jam, we present here 5 recipes that you should not miss.

Pancakes with chestnut cream

The easiest recipe with chestnut cream is probably to add this delicious jam when you prepare pancakes. For a more artistic presentation, you can carefully cut your pancakes into strips before spreading them with chestnut cream. Remember to add a few crushed hazelnuts and then roll your crêpes and cut them like maki. By placing them upright on a plate, you will bring a certain originality to this well-known recipe.

It is also possible to prepare your pancakes in the usual way and then cover them with chestnut cream using a spatula before rolling them. Another interesting idea would be to add the chestnut cream directly to your pancake batter, after adding the flour and before pouring in the milk.

Desserts combining chestnut cream and chocolate

Preparing a dessert with chestnut cream also gives excellent results that will please the gourmets. Why not opt for a delicious chocolate and chestnut cream mousse? You can make a perfect winter dessert by melting 150 grams of dark chocolate in a bain-marie with 50 grams of chestnut cream and 3 egg yolks. You can then add the egg whites and leave the mixture in the fridge for 3 hours before eating.

The combination of chocolate mousse and chestnut cream is a treat for the taste buds, which will convince young and old alike. In the same vein, it is possible to make a creamy chocolate fondant with chestnut cream. This is an original idea to revisit this classic dessert with taste.

Chestnut cream ice cream

It is quite possible to eat ice cream in winter, provided that you adapt your recipes and use seasonal ingredients. For example, chestnut cream ice cream is an appropriate solution that will allow you to create a tasty and original ice cream. To do this, you will need an ice cream maker, in which you will place a mixture made up of a small tin of condensed milk (unsweetened) and 500 grams of chestnut cream. In this way, you will obtain a delicious ice cream that will be a perfect accompaniment to desserts, biscuits or chocolates at the end of the year.

If you are in the habit of making your own Yule log every year, you can add chestnut jam to this recipe. In this case, simply follow your usual recipe, in which you will replace (in equal quantities) the custard with chestnut cream. The result is just as tasty and will allow you to surprise your guests with an original homemade Yule log.

The Ardéchois, a typical and tasty cake

Among the most interesting recipes to make with chestnut jam, the Ardéchois is to be recommended. This chestnut cream cake can be made very easily with wheat flour, yeast, chestnut cream and rum. It is highly aromatic and makes the most of the special flavours of the chestnut. This is an ideal cake for the winter period, which can be made with homemade chestnut cream as well as with an excellent product bought in the shops.

The Ardéchois can be recognised by its characteristic crown shape. The main ingredient is chestnut cream. It is possible to give a recipe for Ardéchois for 6 people, which will require 3 eggs, 100 grams of sugar, 100 grams of butter, 200 grams of chestnut cream, 3 tablespoons of rum, 150 grams of flour, a sachet of yeast and a pinch of salt. This recipe is easy to prepare and can be made in about 15 minutes before baking at 170°C for 40 minutes. A round cake tin should of course be used to give it its traditional shape.

To enjoy this chestnut cream cake to the full, you can accompany it with a dry white wine. With a Fauchon chestnut cream jam with a traditional recipe, you can be sure that your Ardéchois will be very tasty.


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