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Fauchon confectionery boxes

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A box of sweets, the gourmet gift at FAUCHON

Are you looking for a gift idea? Opt for a candy box or a box of toffees! FAUCHON, confectioner-chocolate maker, offers you sweet delights in a luxury box . A FAUCHON confectionery box is the perfect gift for discerning gourmets, to offer on any occasion. Candies, caramels, homemade fruit jellies, FAUCHON's confectionery boxes are a real treat for the eyes and for the taste buds.

Any occasion is a good reason to offer a box of FAUCHON candies.
A box of candies or a box of FAUCHON caramels will be tasty gift ideas for all life's events. FAUCHON also offers you amazing flavors from the entire chocolate palette. Your host will be delighted to receive a box of assorted sweets to share with friends. You can choose from a variety of boxes of different sizes and shapes.

Composed of giandujas, candied chestnuts, calissons, fruit jellies, royal almonds or even beggars, each tray of confectionery will satisfy all gourmets. During a reception, a box of sweets will bring the right refined touch necessary to its success.

FAUCHON, an exceptional confectioner-chocolate maker

For all gourmets, the FAUCHON confectionery box is an essential gift. Composed of original creations, the sweet treats box will seduce lovers of sweets, caramels, chocolate and home-made fruit jellies produced all over France. In a subtle composition of colors, reliefs and assorted flavors, the confectionery box reveals all of FAUCHON's talent. This talented confectioner-chocolate maker knows how to showcase his luxury sweets.

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