Need a last minute gift idea for Mother's Day? Here are some of them, to please our moms if we can't get them the moon.

The last Sunday of May is not a day like any other. It is the day of the year when we honor those who gave us life: our mothers. It is the perfect occasion to show them all our affection and gratitude, as a sign of the special bond that unites us to them. Unfortunately, as full of love as our intentions may be, we are not always inspired when it comes to finding what to give them as the big day approaches. 

If this is your case, don't worry: here are 5 original and gourmet last-minute gift ideas for Mother's Day, which are sure to draw a pretty smile on the face of their lucky recipient.

A gourmet box for Mother's Day

There's no doubt that our moms deserve the best. If, like many of us, yours is a gourmet, why limit yourself to one culinary delicacy for Mother's Day? To offer your mom an explosion of flavors without compromise, opt for a gourmet gift box! More than a simple selection of products, it's an assortment of refined dishes housed in an elegantly designed case that will perfectly reflect the esteem you hold for the woman who gave birth to you.

Is your wife a fan of sweet treats? Or, on the other hand, will she be happy with asavory farandole? You don't know the answer? Don't worry, the Paris Gourmand sweet and savory box is also a great last minute gift for Mother's Day.

Fine chocolates, a must for Mother's Day

Chocolates as a Mother's Day gift? Yes, but not just any chocolates: exceptional chocolates, made with top-of-the-line ingredients and the know-how of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Who, more than our mothers, deserves to indulge in an unforgettable moment of comfort by tasting delicious chocolates? Appreciated by everyone and in all seasons, the king of confectionery and the symbol of gastronomic refinement is one of the essential gifts for Mother's Day. Its only drawback? It will be difficult for you not to taste it before it arrives in the hands of the interested party...

Choose between a surprising chocolate snack with drawers full of secrets, a heart-shaped box containing a delicate milk chocolate, a pocket of dark, milk and white chocolate chips or a multitude of other stunning chocolate creations...

Last minute delicacy: macarons

With their creamy ganache and crispy, light shells, macarons make an excellent last-minute Mother's Day gift. Made by hand with the meticulousness of a goldsmith, macarons can be adapted to the desires of our mothers.

On this springtime Mother's Day, some will appreciate the refreshing sweetness of fruity macarons with classic flavors, such as raspberry or lemon, or daring flavors like mango-pink or black currant-violet. Others will delight in the tenderness of creamy macarons with chocolate in all its forms, caramel or hazelnut praline. 

After all, why choose? For Mother's Day, give her the gift of a timeless moment of pleasure with a carefully designed and original box containing 12 macarons, 16 macarons or 32 macaroons! 

Tea: a non-guilty pleasure for our moms

Are you looking for a Mother's Day gift idea that you can consume without moderation? Opt for a gift whose virtue is matched only by its refinement: tea. Designed in the style of the greatest perfumes, Fauchon teas combine authenticity and originality through aromatic combinations that will delight the finest palates. Elegantly presented in boxes or tins, our teas come in a variety of flavors full of surprises - like the strawberry pineapple and hibiscus rooibos and the apricot lemon verbena iced green tea - or full of memories, which will transport you to a garden in Paris or to the counter of a pastry shop to taste a chocolate éclair.

Mother's Day: the icing on the cake at the last minute!

To top it all off and make this last-minute gourmet Mother's Day gift permanent, embellish your choice with a little extra. What item will you choose to celebrate this special occasion? A scented candle with notes of iris, cedar wood and musk? A tea timer for a perfectly controlled brewing time? Or perhaps a duo of two cups to enjoy with your mother?

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