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Offer a basket of fruit

Discover the fruit basket

Offer a Fauchon fruit basket

Are you looking for a refined gift idea? Why not offer a fruit basket? A reference in luxury grocery stores, Fauchon offers four magnificent fruit baskets. An elegant and refined gift composed of tasty seasonal fruits. Enough to fill up with colors and vitamins! Fauchon ensures the delivery of your fruit basket in Paris and in a small crown.

Offer a fruit basket for a birth

Fruit baskets are an ideal gift to celebrate a birth. Among the different fruit trays to offer Fauchon, you can choose between the Esprit de Fruit (1.5 kg) and Voyage des Sens (3.5 kg) baskets. They are filled with sun-drenched, ripe fruit for immediate enjoyment. You can't resist them! Among other fruit bouquet gifts, you can order the Garden of Eden (5.3 kg) and Fruit Pleasure (7 kg) baskets. Something to satisfy every little hunger. Summer, autumn, winter or spring fruits: the compositions, very decorative, vary according to the seasons.


The delivery of your fruit basket in Paris and in small crown

If you don't have the possibility to pick up your fruit bouquet gift in the store, you can opt for online ordering. Fauchon delivers your fruit tray to offer within 48 working hours, in Paris or in a small crown, to guarantee the perfect freshness of the fruit.

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