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An emblematic pastry of the House since 2003, the lightning bolt is FAUCHON's signature cake. In less than a decade, FAUCHON has boldly reinvented this classic of French gastronomy: the chocolate éclair, one of the best, salted butterscotch, or the latest creation, the éclair 130 ans, a creamy variation on the 50% Grand Cru Limeira milk chocolate with spicy notes of malt and cooked caramel, adorned with a delicate golden milk chocolate lace. FAUCHON's pastry chefs reinterpret the éclairs with renewed inspiration.

The foie gras with spices a thousand and one nights

A historic recipe from Maison FAUCHON, this creation is an invitation to travel. The Whole Duck Foie Gras is sublimated by an original blend of spices: ginger, coriander, cumin, black pepper, fenugreek, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, tarragon, bear's garlic, rose petals? A whole range of flavours to serve the taste.

Brie with truffle

An original and exclusive recipe, Brie filled with fresh Perigord black truffle Tuber melanosporum is a must have of the House. When you taste it, it combines the melt-in-the-mouth, creamy and nutty taste so subtle and characteristic of Brie with the power and bewitching aroma of the truffle. A must have for Christmas.

The salmon Millefeuille

A great classic of French pastry revisited in a savory version in 2004. It took all of FAUCHON's boldness and creativity to dare this impertinence. This subtle combination of an airy puff pastry, smoked Norwegian salmon and a light dill cream is still popular today.

The Caviar Fauchon

The rare, the unique, the extremely rare has an appointment with the non-standard tables. It is called exceptional caviar: French Baeri from Aquitaine, Osciètre from Uruguay, or Beluga from Bulgaria... and melts sensually in the mouth. Vegetable, buttery, or delicately marine notes will delight the sharpest palates.

Truffle puree

FAUCHON's iconic dish, FAUCHON's black truffle purée with Perigord Tuber melanosporum, is a seasonal delight in the pure French gastronomic tradition. The truffle, with its fragrance and power, magnifies and ennobles the potato.

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