Discover a variety of Father's Day chocolates and give your dad a timeless moment of enjoyment on this special occasion. 

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, French men and women will celebrate their dads on a day like no other. Celebrated all over the world, Father's Day is a unique opportunity to share a convivial moment with your family and express your affection for your father with tender gifts. 

In this field, chocolate proudly holds the first place. Synonymous with sweetness and greed, a symbol of refinement and a messenger of love in all its forms, chocolate is the ideal gift for a successful Father's Day. Whatever your father's temperament, you're sure to find the right chocolate to delight his taste buds. 

Chocolate and Father's Day: the gourmet's choice

If your father can boast of a refined palate, he will undoubtedly appreciate receiving a Father's Day gift worthy of the finest gourmets. 

For this, choose from a selection of fine chocolates and pralines that reveal even the most subtle notes of cocoa. Created by our Chef Pâtissier and Chocolatier and Pascal Caffet, Chef Chocolatier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, this collection will delight the most demanding dads. In their elegant box of 8 to 54 chocolates, they will find a variety of creations with dark and milk coatings and surprising hearts of praline, ganache or caramel.

The chocolate of the greedy dads for Father's Day

For Father's Day, take your dad on a trip back in time and take him back to the tenderest moments of his childhood with the most comforting variations of chocolate. 

If your father is one of those who have never given up on the pleasure of a gourmet snack, opt for an artisanal spread with Piedmont hazelnuts or salted butter caramel & Madagascar vanilla cream

For a moment of regressive pleasure in every bite, offer her an assortment of 5 chocolate snacks: dark chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate gourmet squares, caramelized almonds and coconut chips, dark chocolate gourmet squares, red fruits, cocoa nibs and candied oranges covered in dark chocolate. 

For the biggest chocolate lovers, nothing is too good: no less than 760 g of delicious chocolate snacks hidden in an elegant drawer box.

For Father's Day, we revisit the chocolate classics

If chocolate is an exceptional product, it is partly because each of its variations plunges the person who tastes it into a flood of memories. That's why, despite the many culinary innovations that have been made, we never say no to the simple pleasures of a bar of milk chocolate, a bar of dark chocolate praline or a box of dark chocolate truffles. No father is a stranger to these taste references. On Father's Day, everyone will appreciate the unique tastes and sensations of the great chocolate classics, enhanced by exceptional craftsmanship. 

Dark chocolate and Father's Day: back to basics

Who better than our dads, with their experienced palates, can appreciate the depth and power of a great dark chocolate? Like a great wine, chocolate can be infinitely complex and reveal deliciously surprising taste notes. Choose between the subtle earthy and leathery aromas of pure Papua dark chocolate with 70% cocoa or the unapologetic intensity of a 100% cocoa madagascar dark chocolate.

Gift idea for Father's Day: chocolates to enjoy with coffee

Coffee is a pleasure that many dads have in common. This sacred moment marks the beginning of the day or the end of a meal. To accompany this ritual, there's nothing like a gourmet touch to munch on sparingly. 


Whether he drinks coffee or tea, give an exceptional dimension to this habit by offering your dad a box of 48 squares of dark & milk chocolate from recipes carefully developed by our pastry chefs: dark chocolate with lime, raspberry and sesame, milk chocolate with crêpe dentelle, caramel, or honey & almonds. These mini fine chocolate bars will be perfect with a cup of freshly ground coffee or a cup of tea. 


Share a moment of complicity with your dad for Father's Day by offering him the chocolate that looks like him. Tender, comforting, close to nature or extravagant, discover our range of chocolates and sweets and make your dad happy by choosing the one he will like.

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