Original jams to enhance your sandwiches

What if we told you that you haven't seen anything about bread yet ? Find out how to make your sandwiches more delicious every day with original jams and daring recipes.

The jam sandwich, a must in our hearts and on our tables

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, on the go or elaborate, as a dessert or sweet and sour, the jam tartine is a monument of traditional French cuisine. If we now know by heart the fruity sweetness and the crunchy side of a slice of strawberry, apricot or raspberry jam, our slices of bread are only waiting to be adorned with original jams with surprising flavours to reveal their full potential.

Fauchon, creator of original jams

Fauchon's craftsmen create original jam recipes with all their know-how and attention. Through these atypical creations made in France, Fauchon intends to honour the jam as a real top-of-the-range product. These original jams are the result of daring combinations of flavours and will sublimate even the simplest of sandwiches and inspire you to create new recipes. Thanks to a very gentle cooking process with cane sugar and in a copper cauldron, each of the fruits and juices that make up our jams is brought to its most beautiful state without ever losing its superb quality.

An overview of the products that will change your vision of jam:

A subtle touch of citrus that brings freshness and liveliness to even the most ordinary toast. Lemon and lime juice jam is best served with soft butter and white baguette bread, which perfectly balance out its acidity.

Apple lemon and white wine: the secret of an original jam

To create this new recipe, we had to venture off the beaten track. Of course, jam is based on the fruit, but it is not limited to it. That's why, in order to reveal all the complexity of the apple and the finesse of the lemon, this jam is spiced up with a touch of French white wine. Taste it on a slice of lightly toasted rye bread, topped with a soft, moulded butter.

Raspberry passion pomegranate: an atypical alliance

Raspberry as you've never seen it before: quite different from the pastry raspberry that we know and love, the raspberry here takes on a sunny appearance that will make the palate of its fans dance. Accompanied by exotic juices, pomegranate and passion fruit, it offers a new taste experience, between the regressive pleasure of familiar flavours and the invigorating sensation of aromas from elsewhere.

The confit of rose petals, the sweetness of the Orient on your toast

They embellish our gardens and perfume the cuisine of the Middle East: roses are full of secrets that the Fauchon house has set out to reveal through this rose petal confit. Its creamy texture and deep floral notes will give your sandwiches a taste of paradise on Earth.

Jams : the Fauchon classics

The originality of a jam lies above all in the way you use it in the kitchen. While the creations mentioned above are enough to make a simple slice of buttered bread unique, other more classic jams can be used in more eccentric recipes.

Duck breast and bitter orange jam on toast

To make this delicious recipe, you will need (for 2 people) :

100 g of sliced duck breast
2 teaspoons of bitter orange jam
3 shallots
1 teaspoon of chestnut, oak or fir tree honey
25 g of soft butter
2 thick slices of farmhouse bread
75 ml dry white wine



Fry the chopped shallots in the butter over a low heat, then deglaze with the white wine, drizzle with the honey and leave to simmer.
Meanwhile, toast the slices of farmhouse bread in the oven.
When the shallots have stewed well and the bread is crisp, spread the stew on the bread, arrange the slices of duck breast in chiffonade and coarsely coat each slice with a spoonful of bitter orange jam. Add salt and pepper and you're done!

Bruschetta goat cheese, strawberry and basil jam

If this title has made your mouth water, gather the following ingredients (for 2 people):

2 nice slices of cereal bread
100 g fresh goat's cheese
a few fresh basil leaves
two tablespoons of strawberry jam



Toast the bread slices
Coarsely crush a few pieces of fresh goat cheese on each toasted slice of bread
Sprinkle with pepper and a pinch of salt
Sprinkle some strawberry jam on top
Chop the basil leaves, sprinkle them over the bread and enjoy!

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