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Our tips for macaron conservation

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The conservation of your Fauchon macaroons

Macaroons are emblematic of French pastry know-how throughout the world. Elaborated by Fauchon pastry chefs, Fauchon macaroons will seduce the most demanding gourmands with their delicious flavors and creamy textures. But what is the shelf life of the macaroons? Discover all our advice for a perfect conservation of fresh macaroons... To make the pleasure last!

The shelf life of the macaroons

Five days: this is the shelf life of Fauchon macaroons. Discover the variety of flavors. Chocolate, salted butter caramel, raspberry-pink, pistachio, milk chocolate-passion fruit, praline, coffee, vanilla, lemon... But also strawberry or strawberry-yuzu for lovers of subtle combinations of flavors: there is something for everyone! Under their light and airy shell, Fauchon macaroons reveal a melting heart.

The conservation of macaroons bought on the Internet

You ordered your macaroons on the site and opted for home delivery? For a perfect conservation of the macaroons purchased on its website, Fauchon has provided a specially designed packaging that preserves the texture and flavor of the macaroons, for five days from the date of shipment. A conservation time for your macaroons that allows you to spoil all those who do not live near Paris and the house of Fauchon.

The conservation of Fauchon macarons

The conservation of the macarons bought on the net or in store will be optimal in the bottom of your refrigerator. The conservation of the macarons in the refrigerator indeed preserves perfectly their texture and their perfume. Take them out about ten minutes before tasting. FAUCHON pastry cooks have created for you a macaroon recipe made from high quality raw materials and which includes a quick freezing step in order to obtain a melting and crispy texture for tasting. Be careful not to refreeze them.

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