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Fauchon : macaron manufacturer

A reference in pastries and the French art of living around the world, Fauchon is one of the leading manufacturers of macarons in Paris. With their light almond-based shell and creamy ganache, these handmade macarons are a little pleasure that you can't resist! Prepared with the utmost care and made from high quality ingredients, each of our macarons is the product of a goldsmith's work carried out in the respect of tradition.
Classic flavours or original creations: discover the best macarons in Paris.


Manufacturer of traditional macarons

Your macaron manufacturer in France offers you a wide choice of macaron flavours. Choose your artisanal macarons from a wide range of fruity or creamy macarons, made with the best products and traditional know-how. Presented in an elegant case, Fauchon macarons are available in vanilla, lemon, apricot and raspberry-pink. You can also try our creamy macarons, with caramel, praline, chocolate and coffee flavours. Gourmet flavours created by our pastry chef, also available in boxes. Fauchon is an expert in macaron production in Paris and offers delicious boxes of macarons and tea, as well as boxes of macarons and a bottle of Champagne.

Original perfumes

Our pastry chefs are constantly searching for new flavour combinations to create extraordinary pastries and offer you a unique experience with every bite.

The Strawberry Connection and Champagne Macarons box is topped with strawberry, vanilla, strawberry-yuzu macarons and half a bottle of pink champagne. You will appreciate the subtlety of the strawberry-yuzu flavor, slightly acidic. Let yourself be tempted by the Macarons & Champagne box, which includes 12 macarons and a bottle of Champagne. Inside, lemon, passion fruit, raspberry macarons and a unique combination of pistachio/raspberry/red fruit. Artisanal macarons with original flavors!

The delivery of your traditional macarons

Fauchon has thought of all those who don't live in Paris, or who don't have the time or opportunity to go to the shop. Order on the website and receive your order of traditional macarons within 72 working hours. Carefully packaged, Fauchon's artisanal macarons are optimally packaged and can be kept for five days from the date of dispatch. Keep them away from light to prevent them from drying out.