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The essential accessories for making tea

Prepare your tea in the best conditions thanks to Fauchon's advice!

Tea: the essential accessories for its preparation

Tea drinking is a special moment that must be prepared with care. Just as the preparation of coffee requires a machine and a filter, tea requires its infuser and other utensils. For this purpose, many accessories are available so that you can spend a moment rich in aromas and flavours. Fauchon explains everything about the essential accessories for preparing your tea.

The importance of accessories in tea tasting

Tea time is a unique tasting moment that you deserve to savour with intensity and pleasure. So, to make the most of your tea and infusion moments, don't hesitate to accompany them with accessories that will make your tasting even more exquisite, while making your preparations in the traditional way.


Choosing the right accessories to prepare your tea or infusion also means preserving its flavour as much as possible and thus guaranteeing charm and generosity of taste. Whether alone or with friends and family, make your tea tasting a memorable experience. It is therefore important to select the right utensils to accompany your tea so that it does not lose its quality and you can exploit all its flavours: indeed, having a good teapot, a tea ball and a beautiful cup is not insignificant and is totally part of your experience in the land of taste. Moreover, a beautiful teapot and mugs will also be an integral part of your interior decoration.

Essential tea accessories

The tea caddy

The first accessory to have for your tea is an airtight metal canister, to protect it from oxidation. This will allow you to keep all the freshness and flavour of your tea leaves. You will be able to store your favourite teas in this beautiful tin and pick from it according to your desires, all the while having an overview!

The teapot

If you are a tea lover, the teapot is the central element in the preparation of your tea. That's why at Fauchon, we offer you the Salam teapot.


This is an essential accessory for the preparation of your black, green and white teas and infusions. Its stainless steel bell gives it a unique design while preserving the heat of your drinks thanks to its felt. The leaves of your tea will release their aromas at the ideal temperature for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.


The infusion time is about 5 minutes for herbal tea, 5 minutes for black tea, 4 minutes for green tea and 7 minutes for white tea. Don't forget to wash the teapot after each use to avoid damage to the teapot or the taste of your tea being altered.

The tea cup

How can you enjoy your tea with elegance without a cup designed for this purpose? At Fauchon, we want every moment of pleasure to be synonymous with excellence. With this in mind, we offer you porcelain mugs in three different colours, designed with the Fauchon logo:
● The black and white mug
● The magenta and white mug
● The gold and white mug
In addition to savouring the rich flavours of your Fauchon tea, you will enjoy them with aestheticism!

The spoon

The spoon seems like a detail, yet it is an essential to measure your tea correctly, so that its taste is both rich and subtle, neither too bland nor too strong, and you can get the best out of it.

The tea ball

For brewing tea, the tea ball is a classic. This one will be perfect to enjoy a dose of loose tea, like our Fauchon rose scented black tea. At Fauchon, we offer you two choice tea balls to fully appreciate the aromas of your drink.
The Fauchon engraved Alessi tea ball: designed by Titus Wybenga for the manufacturer Alessi, this stainless steel tea ball is ideal for enjoying your tea in style.
The Fauchon tea ball: this floats on the surface of your tea to let it gently brew and diffuse without you having to hang it on a wall. Once your tea is ready, simply place the ball on the pink Fauchon stand: a glamorous tasting awaits you!

The tea bag

For a more responsible tasting, you can also use the tea bag. Today, there are natural, untreated paper bags, but also reusable organic cotton bags: you just have to put your tea leaves in them, as in a classic bag, and proceed with the infusion.

The timer

To sip a good tea, it is important to control the infusion time: it greatly influences the flavours of your drink, so it is essential to respect the indicated infusion times. For this purpose, Fauchon has developed the 3-stroke tea timer, which will help you prepare teas and infusions rich in flavour.

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