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How to organise your family's New Year's Eve party

In this article, Fauchon gives you all the advice you need to organise your family's New Year's Eve party.

End of the year: celebrating New Year's Eve with parents and children

New Year's Eve is an important time of celebration for both parents and children. It is the moment to celebrate the past year and the one to come at midnight with joy, while gathering in front of a meal filled with flavours that will make this moment an unforgettable stop in time. For this, Fauchon offers you many dishes and drinks that will perfectly help you to sublimate your New Year.

New Year's Eve: what menu to offer to your guests?

New Year's Eve is coming up and you have no idea how to prepare a grand dinner that will seduce the taste buds of both children and adults? For an unforgettable trip to the land of flavours with your family, Fauchon offers you the excellence of its products that will please all ages.

With this in mind, why not opt for an aperitif dinner filled with a variety of flavours?

With Fauchon, you will undoubtedly enjoy a gourmet moment, for a unique and authentic taste experience thanks to the richness and quality of its appetizers and spreads. Our top-of-the-range products are varied enough to please the whole family and transport you to the magical world of taste on New Year's Eve. You can count on our original dishes to make your New Year's Eve a real festival of flavours for you and your guests.


Therefore, between several animations to launch the party, you can opt for our Fauchon selection that will conquer the taste buds of all your friends:


  • The mini-brioche: these crispy and golden appetizers with a delicious taste will be perfect for all your spreads.
  • Baeri caviar from Aquitaine: from a production of Ancipenser Baerii sturgeon in Aquitaine, this subtle and refined caviar will create an explosion of harmoniously fruity and iodized flavours for your New Year's meal.
  • The boxed set of 4 rillettes from the sea: these recipes for mackerel rillettes with goat's cheese, Breton-style scallop rillettes, sardine rillettes and salmon rillettes come from coastal fishing and will delight gourmets this New Year!
  • The Provençal black olive tapenade: this great classic will transport you, as soon as it is put in your mouth, by its fruity taste, to the south-west of France.
  • The mini rosemary goat's cheese pancakes: these sweet mini pancakes made according to an artisanal Breton recipe are meltingly creamy on the inside and at the same time crunchy on the outside, for a unique and unforgettable contrast.
  • Cantal, spice and hazelnut butter: These small butters will be a hit during your New Year's Eve and will please all your guests. Made by Fauchon chefs in Brittany, the flavours of cantal, a fruity and mild cheese, sublimated by a palette of aromatic spices and slivers of hazelnut will make all the difference in these delicious biscuits.
  • The foie gras terrine: a foie gras terrine is always welcome during the holidays, to share the last meal of the year as it should be! Thus, the Fauchon foie gras terrine will delight your guests' taste buds with panache.
  • Chicken fray with preserved lemon: this delicious dish is characterised by a perfect balance between chicken and preserved lemon for flavours that are both sweet and spicy for the new year.
  • To finish off the meal, Fauchon recommends the macaroon box Tout Schuss: you will find raspberry, Morello cherry, vanilla, praline, hazelnut macaroons... But also two exclusive Christmas recipes: the Mont-Blanc macaroons with chestnut cream and the Mégève macaroons with 62% cocoa dark chocolate. The round, velvety and airy shell of these macaroons will bring a touch of delicate sweetness to your guests' tasting.

The tastiest drinks to celebrate New Year's Eve

For your New Year's Eve dinner event, you can count on Fauchon for both food and drink: we have a meticulous selection of fine wines, champagnes and spirits. To this extent, we can offer you a wide range of choices to satisfy the whole family... All you have to do is search on our site!


  • Fauchon brut champagne: a must from Fauchon, this flowery white champagne will divinely accompany you during your most beautiful celebrations, for a tasting of fine bubbles with elegance.
  • Fauchon brut blanc des blancs champagne: This selected le brun de neuville cuvée is made up of 100% Chardonnay, giving it an unparalleled aromatic richness. Aged for 5 years on laths, it perfectly expresses all the freshness of the grape variety once in the mouth: it is our New Year's must-have and the perfect occasion!
  • The Mont Blanc Gin: with a flavour of the French Alps, the Mont Blanc Gin will be a tasteful partner for your New Year's Eve tastings and will give you an excellent breath of fresh air.
  • The apple-raspberry fruitillant: perfect for non-alcohol drinkers and children, Fauchon's apple-raspberry fruitillant, made from organically grown fruit, is ideal for a trip to the land of flavours as an aperitif.