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Which champagne to enjoy with chocolate?

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Chocolate and champagne: a unique combination of flavours

Tasting champagne with chocolate is a unique gourmet pleasure. It is important to know how to match these two dishes, which are rich in aromatic complexity but also in variety, in order to delight your taste buds and thus enjoy all the flavours of this marriage, which is tailor-made for gourmets. In this article, Fauchon, a house of excellence and ambassador of taste, gives you its advice on how to choose the right champagne to enjoy with your chocolate.

Champagne and chocolate: how to match the nobility of these flavours

Have you ever tasted chocolate with champagne? This is one of the most noble and tasty combinations for your palate. An explosion of flavours is guaranteed. Indeed, during a snack or at the end of an exquisite meal, a tasting of chocolate with champagne will have an effect on your guests. The bubbles of the champagne and its bubbles will go perfectly with the sweetness of a dark, white or milk chocolate. Let yourself be surprised by the aromatic richness of this combination.

This combination used to seem daring, but today it has become commonplace. Working on the subtle sides of cocoa and champagne to find the right balance between the two is therefore essential for your tasting experience, which will be all the more delicious. The diversity of the types of chocolate and champagne will allow you to enjoy a variety of pleasures.

What kind of champagne to enjoy with dark chocolate?

Add a gourmet touch to your Fauchon dark chocolate with a glass of champagne. Very concentrated in cocoa and sometimes bitter, dark chocolate should be enjoyed with a rather sweet champagne, to counterbalance its character. You should therefore opt for a mixture where the two dishes complement each other. Therefore, a rather sweet, semi-dry champagne will do for your tasting: you can therefore opt for the Fauchon brut champagne with its floral notes, which will perfectly soften your moment of indulgence.

Which champagne to enjoy with milk or white chocolate?

To enjoy champagne with milk or white chocolate, which are sweeter than dark chocolate, you will have more choice to delight your taste buds. For example, you can opt for a sweet wine, which will be in perfect harmony with the aromas of the milk chocolate: why not try Fauchon rosé champagne, that must-have with a hint of sweet spices and forest fruits?

For a more nuanced and daring tasting, the Fauchon Blanc de Blancs brut champagne will do very well, with its composition of Chardonnay, 29% of which is reserve wine, which gives it an unparalleled aromatic complexity, freshness and chalky minerality: the Blanc de Blancs will thus be ideal to accompany and enhance the notes of your sweetest chocolates!