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Zen and well-being with a Fauchon herbal tea set

Are you looking for a gift idea? Ambassador of the French art of living in the world, Fauchon offers a wide choice of gourmet surprises. Macaroons, chocolates, honeys and jams, wines, foie gras, truffles, ready meals... Discover also Fauchon teas and herbal teas. A herbal tea gift box is the promise of a delicious Zen break. When you order a herbal tea gift box, you are offering a real ritual!


Boxes of Fauchon herbal teas

Chamomile, linden-mint, verbena, peppermint... You have the choice for your Christmas herbal tea box ! Fauchon herbal teas are an invitation to relaxation and well-being. Presented in a case of twenty sachets, they are elaborated with carefully selected plant extracts, to allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of nature. Let the sachet infuse for ten minutes, then enjoy. You will savour the delicacy of the floral notes, while taking advantage of the calming, digestive or relaxing virtues of the different plants. A pleasant way to end your day, before going to bed in complete serenity!

And for a refined infusion, fall for the rosebuds. Presented in a pot, they release their delicate floral notes when plunged into hot water. You can also use them to adorn your dishes and decorate your desserts. A very refined herbal tea gift box, to make the moment you enjoy your herbal tea an exceptional moment!

The delivery of your box of herbal teas

You don't have time to go to the store? You wish to have your herbal tea gift box delivered? Place an order on the website. Fauchon delivers your herbal tea gift box within 72 working hours after the validation of the order, throughout France.