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Offer Fauchon macarons

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Offer Fauchon macarons

Emblematic of French pastry, macaroons are one of the most refined delicacies. To offer macaroons for a wedding, to offer macaroons for Christmas or Mother's Day, is the assurance to please. Discover the delicious creations of Fauchon pastry chefs, presented in pretty macaroon boxes!


Boxes of macarons to offer

Are you looking for macarons to offer? Offer a box of macarons with assorted Fauchon flavors! You can opt for the fruity macaron tins, composed of vanilla, lemon, apricot and raspberry-pink macarons. Unless you prefer the creamy macarons and their caramel, praline, chocolate and coffee flavors? With their refined case filled with gourmet macarons, these boxes of macarons to offer will delight young and old alike! You can also order an assortment of fruity and creamy macarons.

Boxes of Fauchon macarons

Fauchon also offers delicious macaron boxes. Creamy macarons and Tea are the promise of a gourmet break placed under the sign of delicacy. The boxed set of QR Code macarons and Champagne announces a glamorous and festive tasting. The amateurs of fruity flavours will not resist the Macarons & Champagne box, composed of strawberry, vanilla, strawberry-yuzu macarons and half a bottle of pink champagne.

Offer macarons on Internet

A last minute gift? Why not offer macaroons over the Internet? An ideal option if you're looking for a way to offer macaroons remotely. Fauchon ensures the delivery of your order within 72 working hours after validation, throughout France. An ideal service if you don't have time to go to the store, or for a last minute gift!