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Luxury tea

Discover Fauchon tea

Luxury tea according to Fauchon

Subtle aromas, associations of original flavors... Ambassador of the French art of living and luxury tea brand, Fauchon has selected for you the best black teas and the best green teas. What could be more refined, indeed, than offering a luxury tea box as a gift?


Fauchon luxury black tea

How to start your day well? With a big cup of Morning tea! Powerful, this tea blend with woody notes is composed of tea from India and tea from Sri Lanka. Discover also Ceylon B.O.P., a great classic with fruity notes. Among other luxury black teas, Fauchon offers Assam G. B.O.P., Darjeeling Imperial F.O.P., Darjeeling Margaret's Hope F.T.G.F.O.P. and Lapsang Souchong, smoked with pine wood. A selection of luxury black teas to sip throughout the day!

The best green tea 

Lovers of green teas will appreciate the delicacy of Fauchon green teas, which are among the best green teas in Paris. Unscented Yunnan green teas, such as Le Sencha tea or L'Emtrice de Jade tea for the purists; green teas scented with mint, Chung Hao jasmine, red fruits, caramel and jasmine, but also with violet and wild strawberry... There is enough to vary the pleasures and compose a real luxury tea box.

Fauchon Luxury Tea Boxes

Fauchon has created a selection of ready-to-go luxury tea gift boxes: an introduction to the flavours of tea, a Tea Collection box, an Iced Tea box or a Time for tea box.


Delivery of your luxury tea box

You don't have the possibility to go to the Fauchon shop on Place de la Madeleine? Opt to order your luxury black tea online! Fauchon ships its delicatessen products anywhere in France, within 72 working hours after validation.