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Luxury pastry in Paris

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FAUCHON: the luxury pastry shop in Paris

Chocolate macaron, candied chestnuts, gingerbread, candied fruit cake, chocolate madeleine? FAUCHON offers a selection of tasty pastries, to the delight of gourmets. Small pleasures to be enjoyed for breakfast or for a snack!

The chocolate macaron according to Fauchon

FAUCHON revisits this essential part of French pastry and offers a collection of creamy macaroons. Nestled in an elegant case, FAUCHON chocolate macaroons reveal a melting heart rich in chocolate under their airy shell. You can eat them in one bite!


FAUCHON Candied Chestnuts

A chestnut of Turin candied in a sugar syrup and Bourbon vanilla, a perfectly controlled glaze... This is the FAUCHON marrons glacés recipe, which puts all its excellence at the service of this refined confectionery. These marrons glacés melt in the mouth, revealing their delicate vanilla flavor.

Candied fruit cake FAUCHON

Rich in fruit (43.5%), FAUCHON's candied fruit cake mixes raisins macerated in rum, candied cherries, candied orange peels and natural vanilla and orange aromas . A colorful and flavorful interpretation of this great pastry classic! Sliced, this candied fruit cake is easy to share.


FAUCHON Chocolate Madeleines

Light and airy, FAUCHON's chocolate madeleines are ideal for those who are hungry. Individually wrapped, they can be carried anywhere. A chocolate madeleine is the promise of a gourmet snack!

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