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Our gift ideas filled with chocolates to thank your school teacher

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What chocolate gift to give to your child's teacher?

The end of the school year is approaching and you don't know what gift to give your child's teacher? In addition to the traditional bouquet of flowers, why not opt for a gift filled with delicacies, such as a bar or a box of chocolates? At Fauchon, we are committed to offering you an original selection of tasty gifts, such as top-of-the-range chocolates, but also many products that will be perfect for thanking the people you value.

Why buy a gift for the teacher?

At the end of the school year, the gift to the teacher and the teacher's assistant is seen as a tradition. Parents feel that their child has progressed, as the child has spent the whole year acquiring new knowledge through the learning instilled by the educational staff.

Thus, thanking the teacher and the atsem is often taken for granted: sometimes it is even the parents' associations that take charge of collecting money to buy a present for the teacher. This habit, which is deeply rooted in our society, is above all a way of celebrating the sharing and transmission of knowledge from teachers to pupils throughout the year, and of offering moments of happiness.

Give a chocolate gift box to your child's teacher

To thank your child's teacher for the past school year, we advise you to give them a gift that is both simple and affectionate, without being too personal. What better way to do this than with chocolate bars or a nice gift box of chocolates?

Indeed, giving chocolate is to offer an unforgettable moment of tasting. Giving chocolate also means giving a whole symbolism: that of joy, happiness, optimism and love. By choosing a chocolate gift box for your child's teacher, you are therefore thanking him or her by giving them joy and wishing them happiness. You can also add a personalised note to your box to express your gratitude to the person who has contributed so much to your child's growth. And yes, chocolate is not only for Christmas or Easter!

Fauchon offers a large collection of chocolate gift boxes to offer.

For example, you can choose the assortment of 15 dark and milk chocolate hearts. Filled respectively with a gianduja with crêpe dentelle chips and a Piedmont hazelnut praline, these are a real delight. The elegant and pretty heart-shaped box will also make a difference and present itself as a unique gift to your child's teacher or teacher's assistant.

The vanilla marshmallow bears from Fauchon are also perfect as a gift. Coated with a crunchy layer of milk chocolate, they create an explosion of flavours in the mouth: fall for these bears to offer an exceptional moment of tasting to your child's teacher.

Give buttons to your child's teacher

If you want to go off the beaten track while showing tenderness and kindness, you can very well offer macaroons to your child's school staff. Fauchon, renowned worldwide for its pastry expertise, offers a selection of flavoured macarons: vanilla, pistachio, dark chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry, rose, caramel or lemon.

This panel of exquisite tastes will fit in very well with the intention of pleasing your child's teacher: how can you resist the sweet and creamy taste of Fauchon macarons?

We suggest different macaroon gift boxes: 7, 12 or 32 macarons, which are above all a delicious token of appreciation for your child's teacher.

And why not offer a mixed box?

To take your gourmet pleasure a step further, Fauchon also offers mixed boxes, composed of several different dishes. An ideal and unique gift idea to please.

For example, offer the sweet box to your child's teacher. It includes excellent cookies, dark chocolate truffles, salted butter caramels, apricot jam and tea. A varied box that will satisfy every palate and the teacher and teacher's assistant who have accompanied your child throughout the school year.

You can also opt for the Fauchon savoury farandole: mini almond and fig toasts, tapenade, aubergine spread, chicken fragmentation with preserved lemon and rillettes... A perfect gift for teachers who love savoury dishes.