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Why give a gift box for Father's Day?

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Wich gift box to offer for Father's Day?

This year, why not celebrate your father by giving him a gourmet gift box? An original idea that will allow him to experience an unparalleled moment of tasting through the dishes elaborated by the House of Fauchon. Fauchon has always been a guarantee of excellence, so we offer the best of our top-of-the-range products so that you can give your father happiness, gustatory pleasure and gaiety.

Give a gift box of wine for Father's Day

For Father's Day, you can choose a wine box to please your dad. Indeed, Fauchon selects the best of the great vintages and will know how to propose you the wines, champagnes and spirits which will fill your dad's palate.

For example, you can opt for a duo of Fauchon brut and rosé champagnes, to celebrate your dad with the most sparkling bubbles he deserves. In addition to champagne, you can also give your dad a bottle of wine that his taste buds will remember, such as the Muntada from Domaine Gauby in the Côtes du Roussillon. Its intense ruby colour will leave a lasting impression on your father, revealing a taste of black fruits, spices and flowers with bewitching fragrances. A very nice gift rich in flavours that you can have delivered to the address of your choice.

Give a tea gift box for Father's Day

Is your father not a big fan of wine? In that case, it's time to opt for another symbolic drink by offering your father a high quality tea. Whether it's Ceylon black tea, Chinese green tea, Darjeeling or Earl Grey, you'll be able to find ideas of happiness for your dad.

To this end, Fauchon offers you different tea boxes: choose the box of 36 tea bags to offer your father a range of different scents, or opt for a tea and mini jam kit to add a touch of deliciousness to your gift. This way, you will offer your father a subtle and refined harmony of delicious flavours.

Don't hesitate to consult our tea section to find the one that will make your dad happy.

Treat your father to a chocolate tasting

At Fauchon, you can also make your father happy if he is a chocolate lover. Considered as the caviar of gourmandise, chocolate will transport your father to the most tender memories of his childhood. Whether it's praline chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, a wide selection of treats is available on our site.

To celebrate the most important man in your life, discover our new box of 24 fabulous praline chocolates, made up of eight different flavours: the crispness of the praline, the melting of the ganaches and the creaminess of the caramel... A plurality of tastes that will make your father happy.

For a gourmet Father's Day, Fauchon also presents its 54 chocolates collection box: a collection that exalts the intense flavours of cocoa. Create unique tasting moments for your father, who will savour the bold recipes of this box through these 54 bites, alone or with his family.

Macarons for Father's Day

For the most insatiable palates, Fauchon also offers a box of macarons for your dad. What better way to offer a touch of colour that combines both aesthetics and an explosion of flavours on Father's Day?

Explore our site and find the macaron box that will suit your father best. We suggest these must-have French pastries in different forms: from a box of 8 to 32 macarons, this will be the ideal gift for your dad. To make your gift even more exceptional, you can also choose a box of macarons accompanied by a Fauchon brut champagne that we will deliver directly to your home.

Father's Day: give him a personalised gift box

Would you like to give your box a unique and personalised dimension? In that case, opt for a customised box. By choosing the size of the box, the products and the message, make sure you give your dad the perfect gift.

Be original by defining the theme and the ideal format of the Father's Day gift box. Sweet, savoury or mixed? Small, medium or large? Fauchon offers you the possibility of putting together your own box so that it perfectly matches what you want to give your dad, so that he can enjoy a sensational and surprising tasting experience.