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Pre-packaged fresh macarons & chocolates

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This fall, FAUCHON will present its new range of gourmet gifts: pre-packaged fresh self-service macaroons and chocolates.
Exclusively designed for "travel retail" and department stores, this concept will allow retailers to have FAUCHON fresh macaroons and chocolates at their disposal, while optimizing operational constraints such as handling bulk product, the need for permanent staff to serve customers, and space occupation.


The macaroons will be presented in a pretty window box allowing an immediate view of the proposed assortment.

Each box will be composed of 6 macaroons with pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry and lemon flavors.

The chocolates will be arranged in boxes of 9 and 15, and the customer will have the choice between praline or ganache chocolates. Our range has been imagined and designed in collaboration with Pascal Caffet, World Pastry Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

These new chocolates are distinguished by their natural and delicate aromas, their subtle but contrasting textures. They are also low in sugar.


Concerning the furniture, its dimensions and mobility allow it to be placed in different configurations. In addition, all its sides can be used flexibly thanks to a system of removable shelves, making it possible to display other FAUCHON groceries as well.

This self-service fresh cabinet will incorporate all the brand's visual codes recently applied to the "Mini FAUCHON" concept, namely, a delicate metallic finish that reflects and saturates the environment according to the light, through the iconic FAUCHON pink.