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Discover the foie gras


FAUCHON's historical speciality since 1886, Foie Gras is a reflection of food luxury and the French art of living. The selection of Foie Gras is the first mark of the talent of FAUCHON's experts. Then comes the role of creator...

FAUCHON has been offering Goose Foies Gras from a Strasbourg partner since the 1900s. There is even a specific FAUCHON mold for Goose Foies Gras by the cut dating from 1962. It was then in the 1990s that FAUCHON opened its doors to creation. Luxury groceries meet the essence of French gastronomy to give birth to daring recipes. Fruits, spices, teas, wines, flowers... are used to sublimate fresh goose or duck foie gras.


The black truffle of the Périgord invites itself in Alsace and delivers exceptional flavors. Proposed by FAUCHON since its beginnings, the Truffled Goose Foie Gras is still honored today. Purists are not mistaken: the truffle nobly enhances the sweet and spicy notes of the goose foie gras. The crunchiness of the former contrasts nicely with the melting texture of the latter. A great length in the mouth. The agreement is perfect


One hundred years after its creation, FAUCHON's emblematic terrine has been created in an elegant version. It is renewed in a duck foie gras combined with unctuous pieces of pork, chopped with a knife, a real delight...

FAUCHON Whole Goose Foie Gras

Cooked in workshops in the heart of Strasbourg, in an artisanal way, for more than 5 generations. The secretly guarded blend of spices in these recipes develops a bouquet of particularly appreciated aromas (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, etc.) that enhances the original flavor of the goose. The result of this tailor-made work is a Foies Gras that melts in the mouth. All in finesse and perfume. Refinement and elegance.


Whole Duck Foie Gras from the South West of France are made by a master craftsman in the South West of France, from fresh duck liver selected for its high quality. It is flavored with a touch of Guérande salt, fleur de sel and a selection of 3 peppers. This local recipe invites you to discover the genuine whole duck foie gras from the South West of France, in its natural state. Frank taste and musky aromas. Authenticity and rusticity.


This recipe promises a beautiful balance between power. A carefully prepared millefeuille of Foie Gras and thin slices of black Melanosporum truffle to obtain the flagship recipe of the House, without a doubt.


The 5 golden rules to respect:

-To fully appreciate the delicate flavors of Foie Gras, preserve your taste buds!
Avoid drinks or foods with too pronounced a flavor such as strong alcohols or salted cookies as an aperitif.

-Before tasting, put the Foie Gras in the fridge for 3 hours.
Then so that the delicate scents and flavors of the Foie Gras can develop, take it out for 30 minutes at room temperature before tasting.

-To facilitate removal from the mold, very quickly immerse the container (jar or box) of Foie Gras in hot water.
In addition, to open the jars, slide a point at the level of the notches to lift the seal.

-To make cutting easier, use a knife with a fine, smooth blade that you can dip in a glass of hot water and wipe between each slice.

-Foie Gras does not spread!
To better appreciate its firm and melting texture, prefer thin slices of Foie Gras delicately placed on a slice of bread.


To fully appreciate the Foie Gras, we advise you to taste it in the greatest simplicity.
Cut slices of about 2cm thick and place them on slices of lightly toasted sandwich bread.
You can accompany these Foie Gras toasts with lightly seasoned salad to complete your starter.

For the most discerning cooks among you, here are 2 recipes recommended by our chefs:

Fresh Artichoke Salad, Duck Foie Gras and Raspberries
For 4 people

- 4 artichoke bottoms, fresh or, failing that, frozen, of high quality.
- 160 to 200g of semi-cooked or canned Duck Foie Gras depending on what you have.
- 50g of fresh raspberries
- 20 fresh shelled and cleaned almonds
- Raspberry vinaigrette (grape seed oil + FAUCHON raspberry vinegar + a touch of traditional mustard, salt, pepper)
- A nice handful of purslane salad/roquette or romaine lettuce
- A tray of edible flowers (pansies, borage, pineapple sage ...)

Cook the artichoke bottoms in simmering salted and slightly lemony water.
Refresh after cooking, then cut each artichoke base into thin slices.
Prepare the raspberry vinaigrette and coat the artichokes with it.
Arrange the green salad on a plate and then add the artichokes harmoniously.
Spread the Foie Gras in very thin slices on all the plates, as well as the fresh raspberries and almonds.
Flower the plates with borage, pansies and other edible flowers as desired.

Skewers of Goose Foie Gras and Smoked Eels 
For 4 people

- 200g of Goose Foie Gras, cut or semi-preserved
- 80g net of smoked Loire eel (skinless)
- 160g of white cabbage salad with cider vinegar or a mix of celeriac and green apples
- 10g roasted sunflower seeds
- Pepper from the mill
- Bamboo picks

Cut the Goose Foie Gras and the Eel into small cubes.
On small bamboo peaks alternate dices of foie gras and eel cubes.
Prepare the salad and let it ripen for a few moments, dress it in cups sprinkled with sunflower seeds.
Add the skewers and give each one a turn of the grinder.

To perfect the pleasure of tasting, here is our expert advice for our different Foies Gras :
-Our plain Duck Foies Gras can be eaten naturally on a lightly toasted slice of bread. You can embellish it with fleur de sel and pepper from the mill, or by bringing the FAUCHON touch: the "Compotée de Figues violettes de Provence". To sublimate the whole, you will just have to taste it with a glass of sweet wine such as a FAUCHON Sauternes or a Jurançon, Domaine Cauhapé, Symphonie de Novembre, 2008.
-As for our natural Goose Foies Gras, they are simply tasted on a slice of lightly toasted bread or with a touch of Champagne jelly. They are accompanied to delight with a glass of FAUCHON Champagne or a Gewürztraminer.
-Our Truffled Foies Gras can be eaten without seasoning on a slice of lightly toasted sandwich bread to feel without difficulty the particular taste of the Black Truffle of Perigord. For the Duck Foie Gras we recommend a glass of Pauillac, Château Lynch Moussas, 1995 as an accompaniment, and for the Goose a glass of Pauillac, 1995, and for the Goose a glass of Riesling.
-Our creative recipes, already full of flavor, do not necessarily require seasoning. On the other hand, you can be original about the wine pairing. We advise you, for our Foie Gras de Canard Du Sud-Ouest, to accompany it with a glass of Coteaux du Layon Saint-Aubin, Domaine Cady, 2007.

We now leave you free to discover your preferences and the perfect matches for each Foie Gras!


FAUCHON offers you a wide range of accessories and accompaniments to serve it in all its forms: fried with a fig compote, in a dish towel with a pinch of ground pepper, half-cooked with a slightly spicy chutney, on toast as an aperitif, in gourmet slices for a starter enhanced by a pinch of salt with truffle....
In a word: the French art of living!


FAUCHON has partnered with Laguiole to offer you a limited edition Foie Gras knife made to measure.


A box composed of a duck foie gras (90g), a compote of figs and a jar key, the essential tasting box!