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The chocolate beggars of the house

Discover our beggars

The Fauchon chocolate beggars : a gift always appreciated!

Essential in the world of confectionery, chocolate beggars are popular with all gourmets. Fauchon has appropriated these chocolatey delicacies and slipped them into delicate boxes, to offer or to give as a gift. Smile guaranteed at the moment of tasting!

Dark chocolate beggar and milk chocolate beggar: two pleasures to share

Is it for the delicacy of their chocolate or the crunchiness of their dried fruit that beggars are so appreciated? Probably for both. As tradition dictates, Fauchon's dried fruit chocolate beggars are covered with carefully selected caramelized pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts and delicately arranged on their chocolate base. To satisfy all tastes, the boxes proposed by Fauchon are made of a mixture of dark and milk chocolate beggars. Enjoyed with an espresso, they bring delicacy and refinement to the coffee break. Baked during the day, the almond chocolate beggars will give you the energy and good mood you are looking for. There is always a moment to bite into a beggar!

A cubic case for the conservation of chocolate beggars

Fauchon's dried fruit chocolate beggars are packaged in a cubic case in two different sizes. Would you like to share your chocolate beggars with your friends and family? Opt for the 380 g box, so that no one has to curb his greediness. The chocolate beggars are also available in 190 g cubic boxes. The boxes with their sober and chic design ensure a better preservation of the chocolate beggars. Their protective case also allows them to be delivered without hindrance anywhere in France and Europe. And that, in just a few clicks!