Coffee Macaron

Coffee Macaron

Discover the flavours of coffee macaron

Renowned for its pastry-making expertise, Maison FAUCHON offers a collection of the famous handmade macarons made in F, the fruit of the House's know-how and exacting standards. This collection offers an experience of absolute pleasure, thanks to perfect mastery of the different stages and production times specific to this pastry, a veritable work of culinary goldsmithery. The round, velvety, airy shell of Macarons FAUCHON fades into a creamy, melting heart...

An aromatic profile that awakens the taste buds like a freshly poured morning drink. The powerful aromas of a gourmet coffee combined with the smoothness of Ivory Coast milk chocolate, an experience not to be missed and, above all, an experience to be repeated!

Discover the flavours of coffee macaron


The craftsmanship of coffee macaron

The craftsmanship of coffee macaron

Fauchon’s Café macaron embodies the essence of elegance and the refined aroma of coffee. It is a veritable symphony of flavors that charms coffee lovers, transporting them on an exceptional taste journey to the heart of the most exquisite coffee plantations.

The delicately crunchy shell of the macaron hides a creamy coffee ganache, made from the finest and carefully roasted coffee beans. From the first tasting, the captivating notes of coffee unfold on the palate, creating a harmonious dance between the characteristic bitterness of coffee and soft and slightly sweet nuances.

The coffee used by FAUCHON is chosen with meticulous precision, guaranteeing an unparalleled sensory experience. The complex aromas of coffee, ranging from rich cocoa notes to floral and spicy subtleties, blend perfectly to offer a tasting of exceptional depth.

Enjoy this macaron with special attention, and let yourself be carried away by the sophistication and intensity of the coffee. Each bite reveals a new facet of this revered drink, testifying to Fauchon’s know-how in the fusion of pastry and the art of coffee. A taste experience that will amaze even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs.

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With which tea to associate the macaron coffee?

The FAUCHON coffee macaron is rich in flavours and offers a delicious combination of coffee and sweet sweetness. To accompany it, here are some suggestions of teas that can complement and sublimate the aromas of the macaron with coffee.

A full-bodied and aromatic black tea can be an excellent choice to accompany the macaron with coffee. Look for black teas with notes of malt, cocoa or caramel to create harmony with the flavors of coffee. Oolong tea, for example, with its complex aromas and fruity, floral and slightly roasted notes, can offer an interesting taste experience with the coffee macaron. Opt for a quality Oolong with notes of honey or hazelnut for a tasty combination.
If you are looking for a refreshing combination, a mint tea may be an option to consider. The freshness of the mint can bring an invigorating sensation that contrasts pleasantly with the rich aromas of the macaron with coffee.

Vanilla is a spice often associated with coffee aromas. A vanilla tea can perfectly complement the sweetness and nuances of the coffee macaron. Look for a black tea or a blend of vanilla black tea for a gourmet combination.

Cardamom is a spice that goes well with the aromatic notes of coffee. A cardamom tea can bring an exotic and spicy touch that complements harmoniously with the coffee macaron. Choose a black tea or a spice blend with cardamom for an interesting pairing.

How do I store my coffee macaron?

To preserve the taste and freshness of this pastry jewel, keep your macaron away from a source of moisture. FAUCHON Café macaroons can be stored for 5 days after the shipment of your order, cool, ideally at 2-5 degrees.

With what taste agreement can we marry the macaron coffee?

Coffee macaroon is a delicious French pastry that has a distinct coffee flavor. To marry macaron with coffee with a suitable taste accord, you can consider several options depending on your personal preferences. Here are some suggestions:

Coffee: Nothing goes better with a coffee macaron than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The coffee-on-coffee pairing enhances the coffee flavor and creates a taste harmony.
Cappuccino: If you prefer a coffee-based drink, a cappuccino can also accompany the macaron with the coffee. The combination of espresso, milk foam and macaron creates a balanced taste experience.
Espresso: A short, full-bodied espresso can be an excellent option to complement the macaron with coffee. The intensity of the espresso contrasts well with the sweetness of the macaron.
Milk: If you prefer a caffeinated option, a glass of milk can also be a good choice. Milk can help balance the flavor of the macaron and make it even more delicious.

Ultimately, the choice of taste pairing will depend on your personal tastes and how you want to enjoy your macaron with coffee. The goal is to create a pleasant taste experience by highlighting the flavor of the macaron while finding a companion that completes it satisfactorily.

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