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Chocolate and wine pairing: how to choose?


The holidays are approaching and so are the great chocolate and wine tastings. It's time to treat yourself and share unforgettable moments with friends and family. However, for a successful tasting, you need to know how to match the complexity of the chocolate's aromas with those of the wine. In this article, Fauchon explains everything you need to know about chocolate and wine pairing.


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To accompany your Fauchon chocolates, you can also opt for a good glass of wine, provided that it goes perfectly with the taste of the chocolate. To do this, you will have to pay attention to several parameters: do you want to taste dark, milk or white chocolate? Red, white or rosé wine?


Wine and dark chocolate pairings

To enjoy your dark chocolate with the wine that will best enhance its flavours, a mellow wine or a sweet wine will be perfect to bring softness to the intensity of the dark chocolate. Here are some examples of wines to taste to enhance your dark chocolate:


  • Muscat Rivesaltes, with fruity and intense aromas, perfect for balancing the cocoa power of dark chocolate.
  • Maury, a natural sweet wine, rich and silky and ideally bringing out the complexity of the cocoa.
  • A Grenache wine, for a powerful marriage with the dark chocolate.
  • A well-concentrated Merlot such as the Fronsac from Château Bozelle, which will harmonise well with the intense cocoa notes thanks to its woody aromas.
  • If your chocolate is rich in cocoa, you can go for a more tannic wine: a Côtes du Rhône, a Bandol, a Château Salettes... Which will not lack elegance to accompany the excellence of Fauchon chocolate.
  • You can also opt for sweeter wines, which will underline the rich aroma of your dark chocolate: a Sauternes, a Monbazillax, a Vouvray, a Jurançon...
  • Dare to drink Porto! This alcohol is very well known for its perfect marriage with dark chocolate. At once powerful, sweet and mild, port will perfectly complement the aromatic notes of dark chocolate.


Wine and white chocolate pairings

White chocolates, which are not bitter but are sweeter, are perfect to enjoy with dry wines. This will give them an unparalleled aromatic edge. You can thus opt for:


  • Sauternes: these Bordeaux wines, which are very well balanced between fruit, citrus and honey aromas, will be an ideal complement to your white chocolate tasting and will bring panache to it.
  • Riesling: these very aromatic wines will enhance your white chocolate with their rich tannins. Dry and tasty, Rieslings are white wines that will bring the perfect balance to your white chocolate tasting.



Milk chocolates also go very well with wine. For a good match, you should go for fruity wines:

Tawny: these ports with their dried fruit, coffee and cocoa aromas are ideal to accompany your milk chocolate tasting.
Zinfandel: these wines are rich in tannins with an aftertaste of spices and raspberries, and will bring the toughness and fruitiness that your milk chocolate tasting will lack.
Sauvignon: the one from Domaine de Villargeau will go divinely with your milk chocolate, giving it an unbeatable touch of freshness.

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