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Why give a box of champagne at Christmas?

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Finding the perfect Christmas gift is not always easy. For friends, family members or colleagues, there are few gifts that are likely to appeal to the greatest number. To combine pleasure, luxury and elegance, why not turn to a box of champagne at Christmas? This gift should certainly satisfy everyone who receives it. Champagne is indeed a top-of-the-range gift that does not lack assets.


A festive gift par excellence

With the end of the year celebrations, it is traditional to give pride of place to tasty dishes through festive and convivial meals. When it comes to giving special gifts to your guests, champagne is the right present for every situation. A champagne gift set can easily be found at a leading luxury goods retailer such as Fauchon. Whether you choose a brut, vintage, blanc de blancs or rosé champagne, you will be sure to please your guests. Considered the most festive drink of all, champagne and its subtle bubbles will delight the taste buds.

There are many options when it comes to giving a box of champagne for Christmas. A gift of two 75cl bottles from a leading Champagne house is an excellent choice, for example, and can be used to celebrate a special event or to host a delicious meal for a small group. Traditional and luxurious at the same time, champagne presented in a luxury box is an excellent idea for the holidays.

A unique taste experience

 The main reason why champagne in a Christmas box is so popular is that it guarantees a unique sensory experience when tasting it. To be offered a champagne of excellent quality is to benefit from the best of a terroir, from a know-how that is sometimes centuries old and from rare flavours through a mixture of complex notes. By offering your loved ones such a gift box, you will allow them to count on the pleasure of a memorable tasting.

A champagne box will give you the opportunity to retrace the history of a house in a magnificent setting. Around a great emblematic vintage, champagne ensures a beautiful moment of sharing in the discovery of an exceptional product. This gift brings together all the ingredients for a successful tasting dedicated to the pleasures of the senses.

A wide range of offers

With a Christmas gift set on champagne, you will have every chance of pleasing whomever you wish to give it to. With the variety of offers available in this area, you will be able to find the perfect box for everyone.

For the festive season, a box of Blanc de Blancs champagne is the most obvious choice. Combining purity, finesse and a taste of tradition, a Blanc de Blancs champagne will be much appreciated during a festive meal. A 100% Chardonnay blend is a harmonious and intense match for oysters and scallops in particular. Its golden colour and natural effervescence give it an immediately festive appearance that will be wonderful at Christmas.

A very nice gift can be given by opting for a box of vintage champagne. Many renowned Champagne houses now offer Vintage cuvees in a box, through collections of historical vintages allowing to fully appreciate their most remarkable productions. Inscribed in time, such a gift combines the pleasure of tasting with a historical approach. Lovers of rare and exceptional products will be delighted.

To play the surprise card, why not offer a box of rosé champagne at Christmas time? Strong in character, many exceptional rosés with delicate notes of spices and red fruits are produced each year in France. Although rosé is generally considered to be a champagne whose freshness is better suited to the summer period, you can offer it perfectly at Christmas. It is a great accompaniment to the end of a meal, especially with a fruit-based dessert.


Choosing a gift box

With a gift box, you can share a champagne of exceptional quality very easily. Collectors and connoisseurs alike will appreciate receiving a luxury product in elegant packaging that is suitable for the holiday season. The gift bottles can be consumed quickly or stored for a special occasion. The possibility of buying a gift box online and then having it sent to the recipient in optimal conditions is another advantage worth mentioning.

An ideal product to offer at Christmas, champagne can be sublimated with a box paying tribute to the know-how of a renowned house. Tasting a luxury product means enjoying a unique experience offering magical memories. The final advantage to highlight is that champagne is a traditional French product that celebrates the expertise of passionate craftsmen. By pleasing your loved ones, you will be contributing to the development of French culture.