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Fauchon : chocolates to offer online

Looking to order chocolate online? Luxury chocolate maker in Paris, Fauchon offers online chocolate boxes, online chocolate bars, online chocolate boxes and boxes of chocolates... An invitation to indulgence, and an excellent gift idea to offer for Valentine's Day!

Fauchon online chocolate boxes and boxes of chocolates

Discover Fauchon's online chocolate boxes ! A beautiful gift idea, with nicely presented online chocolates. You can let yourself be tempted by the heart boxes, which contain milk praline chocolates, dark gianduja chocolates or caramel milk chocolates. Another Valentine's Day gift idea if you are looking for chocolates to offer online, the heart gift, which is filled with 25 heart-shaped milk and dark praline chocolates.

The Fauchon online chocolate boxes

Crack for the chocolate boxes, composed of 9 to 100 chocolates with different flavors and intensities. For your online purchase of chocolates, you can also let yourself be tempted by the Délices cubes truffes, available in 180 or 360 gram cubes.

The Fauchon chocolate bars online

The tablets are one of the great success of Fauchon online chocolate sales! White Vanilla, Milk Hazelnut, Creamy Milk, Milk Caramel, Dark Coffee, Dark Fruity, Dark Full-bodied ... These more or less full-bodied bars will seduce all cocoa lovers! The Délices Cubes Mendiants, filled with delicious dark and milk chocolate beggars with pistachios, almonds and caramelized hazelnuts, are just as irresistible. Are you looking for a cheap and gourmet Valentine's Day gift idea? Offer a Blueberry & Cereal Cube, Almonds & Milk Hazelnuts, Almonds & Dark Hazelnuts, Coffee beans & Cereals...

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