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Offer Fauchon chocolates

Make gourmands happy by offering them a chocolate gift! Whether you want to offer chocolates to a woman or you want to offer chocolates to a man, you are sure to please! Boxes, bars, boxes of chocolates... With Fauchon, you can offer chocolates by internet, and thus benefit from the know-how of one of the best Parisian chocolate makers even if you don't live in Paris.

Your chocolate gift

You can opt for a bar of chocolate to be crunched by choosing an original flavor, like the fruity dark chocolate bar. Chocolate boxes, filled with 9 to 100 chocolates of various fragrances and intensities, are an excellent idea if you want to offer chocolates to a woman, as well as to a man!


Offer original chocolates

You have decided to offer chocolates: the meaning is simple! You wish to please, to offer a greedy moment to the person who will receive your gift. Make the choice of originality, betting on a pretty heart-shaped box filled with milk praline chocolates, dark gianduja chocolates or caramel milk chocolates.

Let yourself be tempted by the Délices Cubes Mendiants, filled with dark and milk chocolate beggars with pistachios, almonds and caramelized hazelnuts. Fauchon also offers the Blueberry & Cereal Cubes, Milk Almonds & Hazelnuts, Dark Almonds & Hazelnuts, Coffee Beans & Cereals? A chocolate gift at a small price! And don't wonder when to offer chocolates: any excuse is good to give in to temptation!


Offering chocolates from a distance

To offer Fauchon chocolates online, place an order on the website and have them delivered throughout France! When ordering, please remember to indicate the recipient's telephone number. Fauchon delivers at home from Tuesday to Friday.

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