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Fauchon Christmas custumized boxes

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Why offer personalised gift boxes?

The search for the ideal gift often takes time. To please a loved one, the choice of a personalised gift box is increasingly popular. This option allows you to put together a personalised box for the recipient in a short space of time, while giving you access to a wide selection of products that will work wonders for the holiday season. If you're thinking of giving a personalised gift box, find out more about the different benefits of such a gift.

A guarantee of originality and authenticity

First of all, the personalised gift box is an excellent idea to get off the beaten track. Rather than turning to a classic gift (clothes, money, etc.), you can offer an original present that you have taken charge of putting together. By adding your personal touch when creating the box, you will be sure to please the recipient by taking into account their tastes and desires. Amongst the best values to recommend in a gift box, we can mention chocolates, bottles of wine and luxury products such as foie gras.

With a personalised box, you will have the opportunity to surprise a friend, colleague or family member. The fact that you can select the various items that will make up the box yourself is a definite advantage in terms of never disappointing. This solution is also interesting because it allows you to design a gift that corresponds precisely to the budget you have set yourself. Finally, by ordering a gift box from a major retailer, you can be sure of receiving high-quality packaging and fast delivery anywhere in France.

A wide range of products for all tastes

The personalised gift box is a trendy product that can be placed at the foot of the Christmas tree or given as a birthday or retirement present. Depending on what you are looking for, you will be able to find gift boxes on various themes. This great diversity is the best way to please your loved ones by selecting a theme that meets their interests. There are certainly many products that can be included in a personalised box to please any of your friends and family.

Boxes dedicated to gastronomy and the art of the table are very popular during the festive season. In order to discover or rediscover a variety of flavours, you will have no trouble concocting the perfect gift box that will delight the taste buds. Sweet or savoury, there is no shortage of delicacies to create a magnificent gift basket for Christmas. Lovers of fine food can be offered a superb box of personalised champagne. You'll be spoilt for choice here.

A way to give pleasure on any occasion

With a personalised gift, you can carefully put together the right present for the person of your choice. Such an intention is an excellent way to show that you have sought to offer them products that are specifically intended for them. This effort will certainly be appreciated, as it shows that you are familiar with the tastes of the box's recipient. Different personalisation options are sometimes included in this type of box, with the possibility of selecting a specific colour or motif for the packaging, or including a card with a message of your choice.

The other advantage of the personalised gift box is that it can be considered a unique gift. Since you have chosen the composition and the graphic elements, this gift will be out of the ordinary and will touch the recipient even more. Giving a special gift, designed as a direct response to a person's passions or tastes, is a smart way to stand out. As a sign of special attention, the gift box is much more likely to please than a classic present.

The personalised gift box with Fauchon

For a personalised box, Fauchon remains an essential brand, synonymous with excellence. Gourmet boxes can be created in an infinite number of combinations around the pleasure of tasting. Foie gras, jam, tea, champagne, tea, terrine, chocolate or honey, among others: the options are numerous to create a breathtaking box.

With the personalised box, you have several choices. You can choose from a variety of possibilities when designing the perfect gift, from a sweet-themed box perfect for gourmet snacks to a savoury box for special occasions. A mixed box can also be designed by mixing flavours as you wish. The format of your box is available in three different sizes: a small model (28 x 28 x 12.5 cm) with 5 products, an intermediate model (34 x 34 x 14 cm) with a choice of 6 dishes, or the large model (40 x 40 x 14 cm) with 9 high-end items.

A personalised champagne box will be a refined present that will appeal to a large number of people. A sophisticated box dedicated to an excellent Champagne wine will make someone happy while celebrating the best of French culinary heritage. With the multitude of exceptional products available, a Fauchon gift box is an outstanding gastronomic gift to give for Christmas.