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Local product box

Discover our local products

The box of local products, a niche of the FAUCHON brand

A box of foie gras or Burgundy specialties, FAUCHON constantly imagines and revisits its collections to offer new recipes. FAUCHON's local produce store is full of boxes from the Southwest and quality products to offer for all occasions.


A store for local products

FAUCHON offers you many "top-of-the-range" products, in particular boxes of local products. Available online as well as in the local products store located on the Place de la Madeleine in Paris, these boxes will simply make the unanimity of your entourage. Crunchy aperitifs, duck confit, game terrines or hazelnut terrines... while tasting a specialty of the southwest, you will be transported to the countryside or the edge of a forest. Burgundy specialties, such as snails and other delicacies such as mustard with white wine, will delight the most gourmet.

Boxes of the soil to offer around you

Accompanied by a bottle of champagne, the Southwest boxes, as well as the boxes of local products in general, are ideal gifts for small as well as large events. It is an ideal occasion to taste the delicious specialties of the southwest. The foie gras box, for example, is one of FAUCHON's emblematic products. Embellished with the scent of fruit, flowers, wine or spices, FAUCHON foie gras is subtle and daring. The most gourmet will be able to discover new and constantly renewed flavors through the foie gras boxes.