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Valentine's Day: macarons for lovers

Macarons for Valentine's Day: a gourmet and romantic gift idea

Need an original and refined gift idea for Valentine's Day? Look no further: the macaron is one of the most beautiful gifts to offer on the occasion of lovers' day. Gourmet, elegant, luxurious, the macaron perfectly embodies the love and tenderness that two lovebirds feel for each other. Are you still hesitating? Discover what makes the macaron the ideal candidate to make this Valentine's Day the most beautiful of all.

The macaron, a symbol of refinement for lovers

In the colourful world of French pastry, it goes without saying that the macaron stands out. It must be said that this little gem has had a few centuries to forge its reputation. Consumed as early as the Middle Ages in the Middle East in the form of a small almond biscuit, the macaron was brought back to France by Catherine de Médicis before becoming one of the star delicacies of the court of Versailles.

It took many changes before the macaron as we know it today was born, with its melting ganache in the embrace of two light and crunchy shells: the macaron of Paris.

Nowadays, the macaron symbolises French refinement. Like a diamond that concentrates all the strength of the mountains in a few grams of mineral, the macaron is a condensation of flavour and know-how that can be appreciated in a single bite. Each macaron is therefore a precious product, which invites you to take full advantage of the present moment in order to draw out all its beauty. Isn't this the ideal Valentine's Day gift?

Fauchon and macaroons, a love story

Renowned for its pastry expertise since 1886, Fauchon has made the macaron its masterpiece. By its very nature, the macaron requires the highest standards in its manufacture. This is why our craftsmen pay all their attention from the first stages of the macaron's conception. After a meticulous selection of the best ingredients, our pastry chefs engage in a millimetre-long culinary choreography: each gesture is carried out with respect for tradition and with flawless know-how.

Offering macarons for Valentine's Day is much more than offering a pastry, it is offering a gustatory journey with each bite, a unique experience, both surprising and comforting.

Which macaroon flavour for Valentine's Day?

Each macaron is a work of art. This is why, beyond the know-how required to make them, the macaron's flavour is another of its great assets. If we can't get enough of the classic flavours, it's good to be surprised by a few unexpected recipes and flavour mixes. Fruity, creamy or flowery flavours, there is no gourmet who does not find happiness in the world of macarons. For Valentine's Day on 14 February, offer an assortment of macarons with divine aromas!

Among the essential flavours, you will find vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee, pistachio or even raspberry and lemon on the fruity side. But doesn't this romantic Valentine's Day evening deserve some new taste experiences? Discover macarons as you have never seen them before: white chocolate with milk heart, morello cherry, rose, hazelnut, but also blackcurrant-violet, raspberry and Espelette pepper or vanilla-raspberry.

What to eat macarons with for Valentine's Day?

The macaron is an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift, not only for what it represents and for its coveted taste, but also for everything that surrounds its tasting. It is out of the question to eat a macaron on the run: such a creation deserves to be enjoyed in the best conditions. We therefore suggest that you accompany your macarons with a tea or a light infusion.

On Valentine's Day, take a few minutes to sit comfortably, serve yourself and your loved one a steaming cup of tea and take a sip to wake up your taste buds without overstressing them. Select the macaron that most appeals to you in its beautiful box and feel its meringue shell crack under your teeth before revealing all its softness. Take the time to appreciate each aromatic note until you reach the melting heart of the macaron for an explosion of taste and tenderness. That's how you can make your macarons special for Valentine's Day!

Are you planning to eat them for dessert at dinner time? Excellent idea: macarons go wonderfully well with the delicacy of champagne.

To make your Valentine's Day the most beautiful day of the year, discover our heart-shaped macaron boxes and our mixed macaron boxes accompanied by a bottle of Fauchon brut champagne!