Succumb to the Un soir de Noël signature tea and let yourself travel thanks to the intense and gourmet taste of this iconic creation from FAUCHON.

The mythical FAUCHON Christmas Eve tea

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The end of year celebrations are an opportunity to please your loved ones by offering them gourmet gifts; let yourself be tempted by our mythical black tea Un soir de Noël by FAUCHON, creator of scented teas. The pineapple pieces and sweet orange peels have been carefully chosen to guarantee a unique aromatic journey...

FAUCHON black tea: an ancestral tradition

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, and is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. FAUCHON offers a multitude of tea types. Among them we find the famous Chinese black tea. An essential part of English culture, this drink with its countless benefits is now consumed all over the world, particularly in France.


The result of a meticulous protocol; harvesting, fermentation, drying..., black tea requires a long process that relies on the unequalled experience and ancestral know-how of the FAUCHON company. The tea leaves are rolled, then broken and carefully stored in a warm and humid room. Finally, following the oxidation that occurs in contact with the air, we obtain these precious black leaves with their unique flavours.


This is where FAUCHON, creator of scented teas, comes up with exceptional black tea compositions, perfectly harmonious, with floral, fruity or spicy notes. Depending on your mood, take the time to sip your drink morning or evening, and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation. Our wide range of luxury products is sure to seduce your taste buds, for the pleasure of the most refined palates.


And to prolong the pleasure, how about adding a touch of delicacy to your tea time with our FAUCHON chocolates and delicate confectionery? Fall for our macaroons, calissons, salted butter caramels or marrons glacés... and offer your guests a little sweetness or simply enjoy a gourmet break alone.

Christmas Eve: an exceptional tea for your parties and celebrations

Looking for a gourmet black tea recipe? Give in to the temptation of a relaxing interlude with our Un soir de Noël tea by FAUCHON. What could be better than a tasty drink with a confectionery flavour to accompany your sweet cravings during the winter season?


With its fruity notes, this iconic creation by FAUCHON, created in 1991, perfectly combines the intensity of Chinese black tea with the greediness of caramel mixed with the acidic bits of roasted pineapple and candied orange peel.

This harmonious blend of Christmas flavours will take you on a journey and delight the taste buds of all your friends and family.


Thanks to the unique taste of the spices, especially the comforting cinnamon, this excellent tea, imported directly from China, will undoubtedly be the star of your Christmas parties. With your family or friends, get ready to enjoy the incomparable Christmas Eve tea and warm up your festive season in all delicacy.


More than a drink, Un soir de Noël tea is a real invitation to escape. Its spicy notes with an exotic touch will give you a feeling of comfort and conviviality in the heart of winter. The metal tins, inspired by Christmas decorations and with refined finishes, are a testament to noble products and promise delicious blends to satisfy your luxurious tastes. The perfect opportunity to give a quality gift to your loved ones, especially during the festive season!


Bring a touch of magic to your gourmet snacks and let yourself travel with our Christmas Eve tea, available in 25g or 90g tins. To be sure to please your loved ones during the holidays, offer them a majestic gourmet box with top-of-the-range gourmet products. A sure value for connoisseurs...


Prolong the magic of Christmas and fall for our unmissable DUO TEA & CHRISTMAS JAM, exclusive to FAUCHON. The flavours of the festive season will accompany you throughout the day, whether at breakfast, snack time or after dinner!

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