1. Fauchon Birthday cake
    Fauchon Birthday cake
  2. Fauchon, Foie gras expert
    Fauchon, Foie gras expert
  3. The truffle, mysterious & mythical
    The truffle, mysterious & mythical
  4. The creator of scented teas
    The creator of scented teas
  5. Local product box
    Local product box
  6. Fauchon, Pastry expert
    Fauchon, Pastry expert
  7. French pastry according to Fauchon
    French pastry according to Fauchon
  8. Luxury pastries in Paris
    Luxury pastries in Paris
  9. The macarons Signature : Tea
    The macarons Signature : Tea
  10. Fauchon, Chocolate expert
    Fauchon, Chocolate expert
  11. Fauchon, Tea expert
    Fauchon, Tea expert
  12. Fauchon, macaron expert
    Fauchon, Macaron Expert
  13. The chief sébastien monceaux
    The chief Sébastien Monceaux
  14. The chief François Daubinet
    The chief François Daubinet
  15. Fauchon Birthday Caterer
    Birthday Caterer
  16. Fauchon, Catering expert
    Fauchon, Catering expert
  17. Fauchon, Grocery Expert
    Fauchon, Grocery Expert
  18. The french pastries
    The french pastries
  19. The signature macarons: chocolate
    The signature macarons: chocolate
  20. Macaron manufacturer
    Macaron manufacturer
  21. The best eclair in Paris
    The best eclair in Paris
  22. Fauchon, Confectionery Expert
    Fauchon, Confectionery Expert
  23. Les pâtisseries orientales
    Oriental pastries