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An emblematic pastry of the House since 2003, the lightning bolt is FAUCHON's signature cake. In less than a decade, FAUCHON has boldly reinvented this classic of French gastronomy: the chocolate éclair, one of the best, salted butterscotch, or the latest creation, the éclair 130 ans, a creamy variation on the 50% Grand Cru Limeira milk chocolate with spicy notes of malt and cooked caramel, adorned with a delicate golden milk chocolate lace. FAUCHON's pastry chefs reinterpret the éclairs with renewed inspiration.

Fauchon blend tea

FAUCHON, creator of scented teas since 1886, composes each of its teas like the great perfumers combine their essences. The FAUCHON blend is one of the House's most famous tea creations: a fruity black tea where the scent of citrus zests subtly blends with the sensuality of vanilla.

Foie gras with spices a thousand and one nights

A historic recipe from Maison FAUCHON, this creation is an invitation to travel. The Whole Duck Foie Gras is sublimated by an original blend of spices: ginger, coriander, cumin, black pepper, fenugreek, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, tarragon, bear's garlic, rose petals? A whole range of flavours to serve the taste.

The macarons

Renowned worldwide for its pastry expertise since 1886, FAUCHON offers you an experience of absolute pleasure through its new collection of macaroons, rich in colors and flavors. Creamy, fruity or flowery, FAUCHON macaroons will seduce your taste buds and satisfy all your desires.


The iconic symbol of the House with its delicate and sensual lines, this fruity creation brings freshness and delicacy. On a crispy crumble with caramelized almond flakes, this dessert conceals a raspberry compote resting on a soft Madagascar vanilla cookie. The whole is topped with a vanilla and tea ganache with the signature "Mélange Fauchon" tea with gourmet notes of citrus fruits.

The marrons glacés of turin and naples

The marrons glacés of Turin and Naples are the Must in terms of marrons glacés. At FAUCHON, the production of these great classics in the purest tradition is perpetuated: before being candied, the chestnut is manually wrapped in tulle muslin to preserve its subtle taste. Some recipes are also the result of this tradition, but revisited with creativity to associate marrons glacés and chocolate or marrons glacés and cognac.

The cookies f

The F cookies are the perfect harmony between fresh butter, high quality wheat flour, extra fresh Breton eggs and the love of a well-made cookie. Pure squares, just monogrammed, they are a true contemporary delight from a biscuit-making craft.

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